Mike’s week of favourite things #1

Jumping on the meme train again this week. Pip is hosting “Mike’s Week of Favourite things“. So today I am posting a not very good macro shot of a detail of one of my favourite pillowcases. It’s white linen, and so soft and it has ties to tie it together at the opening, and it’s old.  That’s my Great Grandmother Jean’s name, written in indelible pen and that’s the year, 1913.

I am not a big “bed making” person – I don’t have matching linen, or fabulous scatter cushions, or egyptian cotton. We have a mixed bag of things that come out of the cupboard, some pretty, some really ugly, some posh, some polyester. But I do like the odd pieces of vintage linen that I have been lucky enough to snaffle. And these are my favourites.

6 Responses to “Mike’s week of favourite things #1”

  1. Sandra

    What a beautiful thing to have, I have a hand-embroidered tablecloth that my grandmother made.

  2. Andi

    What a treasure to have. I’m so glad it gets used regularly.No point having family treasures locked away in cupboards.Andi 🙂

  3. Kirsty

    That is super special! I’ve got some cross stitch & some red work that was done by my great grandmother.

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