Skipping in the daisies

dontrunskipImage via the wonderful Dinosaurs and Robots

Saturday afternoon and we’re wagging swimming lessons. Just another thing to not tick off the list this week.

So what have you been up to?

I’ve been in stalling mode. House needs cleaning, hair needs cutting, writing needs writing, softies need sewing (I need a little banana slug in my studio to get that done), books need reading, dinners need cooking, plans need planning, weeds need weeding. 

Things I have managed to get done lately (brace yourself, it’s been a killer week);

I gave myself a recession-era fringe cut which may have been a mistake.

I made Mum’s You’ve got Friends Chocolate Cake and it worked! I did the 1.5 size recipe and used a big bundt tin and it was a great success.

I twittered about a library book full of cat hair and a fish bone stuck in my throat.

I watched loads of telly… Season 3 of the Mighty Boosh (loved it), Starter for 10 (great), Oscar & Lucinda (lovely), Survivor (oh yes), Lost (to keep Phil company these days),  Flight of the Conchords (and bought Carol Brown so I can listen to it all the time), The Jane Austen Book Club (meh), and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (still watchable). 

I heard myself tell someone that we don’t watch a lot of television. At that moment I actually believed it.

I had lots of coffees, at Bliss, at Snow Pony, at Laurent, at home from a packet of Jasper’s and then heard myself tell someone that we are not spending any money on unnecessary items in 2009.

I downloaded M Ward’s new album, Clementine by Melbourne’s (not Norway’s) Washington, The Lark Ascending (which reminds me so much of that wonderful movie ‘The Year my Voice Broke’) and listened to the Dodo’s a lot while I was pretending to write. 

I looked at loads of Oscars frocks and then looked at the NME awards photos and felt a bit relieved that the Brits are still so grungy. Clearly not a stylist in the house.

And in case you missed it, I listed a softie on Ebay for the Bushfire Appeal and it ends Monday!