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I’m playing along with kootoyoo again this week with a photograph of my creative space. When you combine the heat with the end of the school holidays, the first week back of school and the fact that Phil has been in California for 7 days, you can imagine my creative life has been a little stymied this week. I did manage to make some muffins from a new recipe. That was quite creative. And I have started writing again after a 10 day slump, thanks to rediscovering Anne Lamott’s wonderful book Bird by Bird. That’s it on the floor beside my bed. Her chapter titled “Shitty first drafts” has definitely been a kick-starter for me this week. I am pushing through chapter ten at the moment and all the time I am writing I am thinking “This seriously stinks! How is it that it seemed so easy two weeks ago and now it just seems like I can’t write a word that doesn’t sound tired and cliched and … stinky?” But that’s all part of it, apparently, so I keep writing stinky prose and terrible dialogue. I am waiting for my characters to revolt and start doing amusing and alarming things again. At the moment they are slouching around at an exhibition opening sipping glasses of wine. Yuck. But I’m doing at least 20 minutes a day, regardless, and in this way I will get through this shitty first draft.

The other things you can see in my creative space are my notebook which contains some gems (gems I tells ya!) which will or won’t make it into this shitty first draft. There’s also a pile of books which a friend lent me so that I can research funny sex scenes, because I am having trouble with sex scenes (that’s in my book, thanks) and am “fading to black” rather than facing it. I can’t even read this research material let alone contemplate writing it. Call me a prude. And you can also see some Japanese craft books. I have got out all my Francophile Paumes titles because I have watched “Priceless” twice in the last week and now want to be French.

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  1. mrs p

    Tough it out chick, the words will come back. I must say though the sex scene should totally be the fun bit to write, If you not up for it, maybe your readers can have a go at it for you LOL, could make for some very funny reading ;P

  2. Maddpenciler

    Hmmmmm “The Block”… It comes in many different forms, that beast! And you seem to have found a way to slay it. It’s always tough to over come it but when you do pump out as much as you can while you’re in that writing mode. I believe all artist go through it. I’m new to following you but you seem to have great writing skills with the blog… I will do some more poking around on you site, BUT stay encouraged my fair maiden until your next post. peace

  3. lindsey clare

    yay for Paumes!also looblyuuuuu. i have to tell you. i just ordered The Boss of You from BetterWorldBooks. i am really excited. i am so ready to start doing my own thing and taking on my own jobs. so i just wanted to say thanks for recommending that book a while ago.

  4. Marc

    Yeah Priceless is a really good movie. I laughed a lot. I watched it in french with english subtitles, makes the movie even better.Good choice!!

  5. Carm

    I love that book. I like her advice that involves writing things that might fit into a one inch picture frame. How you just take it “bird by bird” and keep on moving. I’m impressed by your dedication.It makes me think I should quit READING so many blogs (my weakness) and start writing something, anything with my Internet turned OFF. 🙂

  6. Amy

    And just think, if you become French enough it should be a breeze to write sex scenes, funny or otherwise! Bonne Chance!

  7. michelle

    I was just thinking about rereading that book. I bought it years ago while browsing at a book store. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. How’s that for a cliche?

  8. Kirsty

    Good on you for keeping on keeping on Claire.I saw “I’ve loved you so much” last night. Now that is an amazing French film.

  9. alice

    I thought Priceless was such a sweet film 🙂 She also provided good hair inspiration for me at the hairdressers recently!

  10. Michelle

    Ooh, I fade to black too. I can’t believe I still haven’t managed to read more than a couple pages of bird by bird. It’s been on my list for years, and I just keep getting distracted.Now I have to watch priceless. 🙂

  11. L

    well… steven king says:Write the first draft for yourself.The second draft is public.

    He is of course a close personal friend of mine.

    happy writing.

  12. Chichiboulie

    Well, I’m not sure becoming French will improve your sex scenes, but I don’t want to be the one to lift the veil off that myth so shhhh…..And here I am sitting in my disasterous studio in France trying to get my thoughts straight so I can complete orders I have and get on to more fun things!

    Best wishes to you.

  13. Lynne

    Really, very sorry to hear about all the people killed in the bush fires. When you tweeted it was going to be the hottest day ever, it never crossed my mind to think of fires happening. Glad that you and your family are safe, but gutted to think of all the people who have been affected and lost their lives.

  14. clebs

    Dear Claire -While thinking about my extended family in Melbourne, I’ve also been thinking about you and your family.

    I hope that you and all you know are safe and well in these tough times.

    Our thoughts are with all of you.

    Take care! x

  15. crzylady

    So glad you are well! You were the first to pop in my mind last night as the wildfires made a news appearance.Also! LOVE Anne Lamott.. Just read “Plan B” during the super bowl!

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