My creative space…

I’m playing along with kootoyoo again this week with a photograph of my creative space. When you combine the heat with the end of the school holidays, the first week back of school and the fact that Phil has been in California for 7 days, you can imagine my creative life has been a little¬†stymied¬†this week. I did manage to make some muffins from a new recipe. That was quite creative. And I have started writing again after a 10 day slump, thanks to rediscovering Anne Lamott’s wonderful book Bird by Bird. That’s it on the floor beside my bed. Her chapter titled “Shitty first drafts” has definitely been a kick-starter for me this week. I am pushing through chapter ten at the moment and all the time I am writing I am thinking “This seriously stinks! How is it that it seemed so easy two weeks ago and now it just seems like I can’t write a word that doesn’t sound tired and cliched and … stinky?” But that’s all part of it, apparently, so I keep writing stinky prose and terrible dialogue. I am waiting for my characters to revolt and start doing amusing and alarming things again. At the moment they are slouching around at an exhibition opening sipping glasses of wine. Yuck. But I’m doing at least 20 minutes a day, regardless, and in this way I will get through this shitty first draft.

The other things you can see in my creative space are my notebook which contains some gems (gems I tells ya!) which will or won’t make it into this shitty first draft. There’s also a pile of books which a friend lent me so that I can research funny sex scenes, because I am having trouble with sex scenes (that’s in my book, thanks) and am “fading to black” rather than facing it. I can’t even read this research material let alone contemplate writing it. Call me a prude. And you can also see some Japanese craft books. I have got out all my Francophile Paumes titles because I have watched “Priceless” twice in the last week and now want to be French.