Hottest: wishful thinking

It’s still hot. It’s not even shimmering heat – it’s just curl up and die heat. Our garden is not faring well – but it’s a good day to wash and dry an old and much loved teddy.

So what else can you do on a hot day? Catch a free train – unless it’s canceled. Wash the kitchen floor with buckets of water and kids. And do lots of wishful thinking.

I looked for the coolest places on earth to run away too. I think Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island in British Columbia looks like my kind of place.


I might run away and take one of those ocean view rooms, watch killer whales, check out the art gallery, walk by the water, sit by an open fire, soak in a bath (guilt free – Lots of water in BC), eat at the organic restaurant, drink good wine and all that stuff. Now that would be a place to write a novel! They have a blog – maybe they need a blogger in residence. Hmm. Well regardless, it’s going on our list for our fantastical Cross Canada Adventure in five year’s time.

And because I know we are heading up to 43Âșc some time this afternoon, I am going to spend time checking out the website for the Ice Hotel in Sweden.


Mmm. Chilly.

Anyway, back to reality. I am off to have an icey pole for lunch.

What are you wishfully thinking about?