Hottest: links

It’s going to be a hot few days.

Just before I get to the enormous task of digging a house into the ground under the floorboards, Coober Pedy style, so that we can survive Melbourne’s hottest week for 100 years (4 days above 40ºc / 105ºf), I thought I would post a few links.

The first is one I found via one of my favourite blogs Dancing with Frogs. It’s especially for bloggers and it’s nicely said.

Keri reminds us to embrace the season – while the quote from Rick Bass is all about Winter in Montana, it made me stop and think about how much I whinge about Summer and instead perhaps I should try loving it. Hmm, not likely, but I am going to stock up on the watermelon and the icy-poles and try not to be quite so grumpy. Maybe it’s even siesta season if only Lily would agree.

1000 Novels Everyone Must Read – at the Guardian. You know, there are tonnes of these kinds of lists but I quite like how this one is broken up into categories; War & travel (interesting combo),  Science Fiction and Fantasy, State of the Nation, Family and Self, Comedy, Crime and Love.  Reader’s recommendations are going to be published next month. 

February’s a-coming.  Shutter Sisters One Word project. (via Pip) I am not a photographer. Frankly, the idea of taking nice photo freaks me out a bit but I like the idea of this project. It might force me to think about photographing things in a different way.