We just gorged ourselves on a home-grown tomato salad. Unfortunately, they weren’t grown in our home, but my Mum and Dad’s. Above is our entire tomato harvest for this year so far nestled in the palms of Amelia’s not very big hands. There are more ripening on the vines, but not a lot. I think there’s something in that oldĀ adageĀ that vegetables need full sun, good soil and lots of water. Hmmm, who woulda thunk it? I will try that next year. We might even lash out and get that long spoken about water tank – that will make vegetable gardening all the more satisfying. I seemed to have lost my gardening mojo for this season. I always start off the Spring with such good intentions but life, and weeds, seem to get in the way. Maybe I need to break out a ukulele tune for the wandering garden muse too.