my creative space…

Kirsty’s “On my desk” has evolved into “My Creative Space” for 2009. 

Kirsty says; “Each Thursday I’m going to post an image of what’s in progress either on my desk, in my spot, on the sofa, desktop, at the kitchen table…whatever. If you’d like to play along & find some new blogs along the way then you just need to post & then pop into my creative space post for the day & paste your post URL into the auto link widget…”

I thought I might too.

This morning I was cooking a cake in my pjs ready to take out to morning tea at a mate’s, and Amelia came into the kitchen and said; “Huh? What are you doing in the kitchen?” – and I said “making a cake!” and she said, “Wow, every thing’s topsy turvy today – Lil’s playing with my tamagotchi, I’m not watching tv, you’re in the kitchen, cooking“… so you can see that obviously I have not been doing a lot in the kitchen lately, unless you count sitting at the kitchen table with my lap top.  My creative space for the last 22 days has been in my head, on my laptop at the kitchen table amongst the crayons and the breakfast plates, and after the kids are asleep, curled up under the quilt banging out trash at a furious rate. It’s still all about the writing. Above you can see my work in progress. That’s my big folder of bits of paper and stuff which I actually never really look at, and that’s my lap top which I love to pieces, and on the screen you can see my  novel’s outline, which I have just discovered needs a drastic rewrite. All the motivations aren’t working, my protagonist is a walking contradiction. And I thought this novel writing would be easy. Well, actually I never did think it would be easy – and now it’s living up to expectations.

Some useful things I found yesterday while I was in the dumps:

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How to write a novel in 100 days or less (which is not what I am trying to do but it has 100 interesting points about novel writing.)

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