Ukulele playing for my wandering muse

Slow writing day. I’m hating it today. It’s like pulling taffy or walking around with chewing gum stuck on the sole of my shoe.

I just need to remember that feeling this way is mostly because I was up in the night with a bed wetting child, and a tv which had the inauguration on every channel and then there was so much hope in my head I couldn’t get back to sleep. Or something. I tend to start worrying that even though I have been writing like a writing-demon for the last 20 days and hit the 48, 906 mark last night after the kids went to bed, the Muse has now left me for greener pastures.

So instead. Please enjoy a ukelele tune, because that always makes me feel better. Danielle ate the Sandwich is pretty cute. Perhaps the ukulele is just the thing to tempt the Muse back home again.

*** Also – lovely Sooz is heading up to Darwin for six months this year and is looking for a house – can you help? Are you interested in house swapping for a gorgeous place in Melbourne? Let me tell you, I am tempted to move to Darwin just so I can house swap back to Melbourne to be in Suzie’s house. Pass it on! (I’m imagining a new crazy movement starting of house-swapping craft bloggers… that would be cool. You’re welcome to take my place but don’t make me clean it!) ***