Writing in the new year

Happy 2009!

I hope you spent a wonderful end to your 2008 and that 2009 is looking bright and sparkly.

And what have I been doing in the super fresh 6 days since the beginning of the year?…

hmmm… ok…

(deep breath)

I’m writing a book – BOOM! 

There, I’ve said it. I was wondering how I would come back to my blog in 2009 with only this on my mind. It’s a book for adults and there are no illustrations! Crazy! I know! I am 20,000 words (well, 21,984 to be exact) into my first draft and I love writing it. Perhaps I should be saving it for November but I couldn’t wait. It’s like being able to spend time with my favourite TV show every evening and never having to be sad that the season is going it end. And watch out what you say around me because if you’re even remotely funny or quirky or devilishly handsome, I am going to steal your soul and turn you into some kind of character in my book.

So I feel a little bit like the kind of person who flip-flops from one interest to another with lightening speed – as soon as I say “etsy shop” I’m moving on to “solo exhibition” and as quick as anything I am back to “full time mum, all that other stuff can wait.” and now here I am flirting with “novelist”. I can see how it looks. 

But I think the very interesting thing about all this is that when I took away all the pressure, all the expectations I had of what I should be doing, and said – back in October – “The rest of 2008 is a blank page” I was suddenly left with a big gaping void of empty time with no real object in mind except getting better, nuturing my family and stopping the struggle.  But all along, even right from the start, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before exactly the right thing came along and filled the gap. I kept saying to Phil “I am interested to see what it is I do now I don’t have to do anything in particular.” And sure enough, I spent some time making some dolls for the girls and I pottered around and got better and read lots of books. Lots of books. Good books, trashy books, old books, new releases, books about vampires, books about strippers, books about books. It was the reading of lots of books that lead me to feeling a little like I wanted to be a part of that action. It was reading my teenage diaries and Rachel’s book which reminded me that I had always wanted to be a part of that action. 

Who knows what will happen. Who knows if it’s any good. Will girls in frocks ever read my book? Will I even finish it? Who cares! I am having so much fun. 

So here’s to NOT setting any goals for 2009, and to letting the goals come to you.