Midsummer Magic


I have had a couple of incidents this weekend which make me wonder if there isn’t a mischievous Midsummer Puk in our midsts but mostly it’s been fun and frolicky with some perfect weather to accompany it.

Solstice Goodness:

1. Fairy rings for fairy chocolates. The girls constructed these (above) late last night, as you know Summer Solstice is when the fairies come out, and sure enough there were squeals of delight when gold covered chocolate coins were discovered (way too early) this morning. They managed this despite some discussion as to whether they would come out to play Midsummer Eve or Midsummer Night.

2. Dress-up (fairy wings encouraged) Solstice dinner with roast goodness, chocolate desert and plenty of ice-cream but best of all, a new growly baby guest in a sling at our table.

3. After dinner I walked Kim and Georgina to their car and exclaimed that it really did feel a bit magic-y out. We stood saying our goodbyes and two great owls flew out from the tree across the road – great silent forms in the twinkling dark. Owls here in Melbourne! I know they are around but I have never actually seen one. One perched on the electricity wires under a street light and I couldn’t have wished for a better Midsummer sighting.

4. Christina and Paul’s Christmas get together – macaron mania, beautiful decorations, gorgeous people, new acquaintances with cute patchwork bags, pretty dolls, fancy tattoos…

5. Christmas lunch #1 at Mum and Dad’s. Phil was given a remote control helicopter from my Uncle which is tiny and delicate and hovers like a dragon fly (unless it’s caught in a evaporative cooling airstream and then it’s “duck for cover!”).

6. Happy girls – it has taken a few days to adjust to holidays and rest off that end of term tiredness but I think we are almost there.

7. Happy me – all feels good in the world.