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I am running late for a play date – first day of the school holidays and all that, but I wanted to put up these photos of some of the pages of the newest Frankie. Such a sweet magazine – and there are some of my Brown Owls peeps! I haven’t met them all but the ones I know are gorgeous girls – and the others look so nice it makes me keen to get back into the gypsy-style club house next year. Can someone please do a left – right of names for me? I couldn’t find it in Frankie. xx

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  1. Jess

    I know a few…1. Kirsty (kootoyoo) 2. sorry! 3. sorry! 4. Pip (Meet Me At Mikes) 5. sorry! 6. Brooke (boobook) and 7. Can’t see! I’m running off to my newsagent to pick up my copy this arvo. I’m a Faraway Brown Owl and can’t wait to get crafting in ’09. It’s funny…I’m sure I read all of the above girls’ blogs…tee hee!

  2. jo

    My daughter couldn’t wait for me to get in the door to show me Pip in her favourite mag – Frankie! aren’t you in there Claire???

  3. Claire

    No – I’m not one of those pretty faces. But my mug (of the non-face kind) is on the opposite page which is very exciting! Mine is the blue and white striped one. xx

  4. sally

    Wish we got that magazine in the States. I love the paper dolls. They are just so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Michelle

    Eep! New Frankie! My subscription ended last issue and I forgot to renew! Muct go buy … thanks for reminding me!Happy that Brown Owls got in there!

  6. Emma

    Oh I can’t beleive this is out and I didn’t even realise! Thanks for reminding me! And Brown Owls – yay!


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