MixTape Giveaway!

MixTape arrived in the nick of time yesterday. Amelia was having a no-school day due to a heavy cold but of course around 9.30am she was bored out of her mind, and driving me out of mine. Our friendly parcel postman left a delightful package on the front deck and it was opened to reveal MixTape zine’s Kids Issue. Inside we discovered a quick and easy, super cute tutorial for making Yumstie Felt Brooches and Amelia, with her very rudimentary sewing skills (but only a little help from me), immediately whipped out three. Her favourite bit was choosing the buttons to coordinate with the felt flower and then her next favourite bit was presenting them as gifts to people with great flourish.

And there’s lots of other awesome stuff in this MixTape issue – The Crafty Lady profile is of Amber Carvan who is one of my heroes – (20,000 subscribers Amber?? Holy MOLEY!) (and who is selling her newly revised for 2008 Christmas Craft book which is totally worth buying and downloading), I want to make the Naughts and Crosses Pouch, and put together a nature table, and grow some grass hair, and make puffy paint… and all that!

Nichola and Justine have sent me five copies of The Kids Issue to give away to five Loobylu readers (because I did the cover!) so leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite Christmas craft or activity for kids is and I will randomly pick five lucky recipients. Comments will be closed on Friday afternoon at 2pm (Melbourne time).

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