Big house, big bed

That house is getting bigger and bigger. I know it’s not going to last, but I quite like the way the structure fills with the early evening sun and glows yellow, spilling fragments of light into our house in new and odd places.

And all is quiet tonight – which is amazing because it’s Lily’s first night in her new BIG bed and it’s a very big event.

That’s the bed! The mystery object from last week. I found a cheap bed frame on ebay, found a place just up the road that powder coats stuff ($90!) and voila! Not quite the Cath Kidston beauty but it makes me happy and it was thrifty and Lily loves her NEW BIG RED BED. The quilt is a very old one from my childhood which I think is one of my Grandma’s very first pieces. It’s pretty loud, but sadly getting pretty faded in parts and is a nice stand in until I finish my bazillion other projects and make Lil a new quilt. Maybe it will just stay that way.

She looks so tiny in that bed. I tried to take a photo of her in it while Phil read her bedtime stories, but in every single photo she is a complete blur of movement –  she was tucking herself in, rearranging her pillows, moving her blanky into a better position, finding that her pillow was slipping etc etc.

And don’t forget those rabbits on auction!