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I am all over the place at the moment but it feels ok. I go where the mood takes me (which is quite often to the top shelf of the fridge door where there is a block of Green and Black’s white chocolate). So what am working on? From top to bottom: The hand quilting on Amelia’s quilt – that’s taking me a while. And I am still making lots of those punkdorf dolls. One for new baby Georgia, one for Lily, one for Amelia, a tiny one for Mirabel, one first cousin once removed Baby X and so on. The doll pictured is for new baby Georgina – the other’s neck was way too floppy and the puckering really annoyed me and this one is a vast improvement, (although, very annoyingly, the string inside the head which squeezes the face into the correct shape seems to have come adrift so she is still kind of wonky looking). Her name is Tali (until otherwise named) which is Tongan for “waiting”… she was almost entirely made while I waited for news of her birth. And under that? I am always working on the garden these days and I am waiting on capsicum seeds to germinate in my biodegradable toilet roll pots… I may have inadvertently overheated them. And below that are a couple of pieces of trashy old ebay finds which are waiting on the back porch for a lick of paint.

But the project that is exciting me most today? It’s not exactly a craft project, it’s more an exercise in project management. Here’s a little clue:

More to come later.

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  1. Kirsty

    The quilt & the lovely vintage pillowcases – gorgeous.Punkdorfs just keep getting more adorable.

    & the red…looking forward to seeing the follow up to this shot.

  2. lexi

    The quilt looks gorgeous – and I have those same vintage pillowcases!Love the punkdorf, so cute, and I think her face is perfect.

    Capsicum seedlings are exciting – great idea with the toilet rolls. Might have to try that. The chair and table are great finds.

  3. alice

    I keep meaning to try that with the toilet rolls, we have about 5 months until planting season her so now that you have reminded me we have plenty of time to collect them! 🙂

  4. Erica

    LOL @ Green and Blacks. ahahathe quilt is divine – i should probably pick that up.

    oh and the doll. always a cutie. i feel like its the American Girl Doll alternative, only way better. i want a mini me!

    garden with toilet paper rolls? genius.

    old ebay finds? always a fun diy.

    and whats this?? is that half of an old wagon wheel?? it would be lovely on top of a low door against a baby-blue painted wall. hmm we shall see what you make of it 😉

  5. Melissa

    Sounds exciting and I can’t wait to hear more about the dolls. I was wondering where do you get the fabric for the face of the doll?

  6. Lori

    the quilt looks so wonderful. i LOVE LOVE the hair on that doll! fantastic! loving all your images this morning. cant seem to focus myself…

  7. pip

    Oh what is that Red THINGY? Is it….?A Wagon Wheel?The Stand For A Fondue Pot?A Seventies Sculpture?A Piece of Exercise Equipment?A Handle For A Very Heavy Bag?A Thing To Put In The Garden And Let Your Plants Creep All OVer?A Weird Stencil?A Bed Head For A Teeny Little Bed?

    I don’t know. I’m sure it’s none of those! Sounds very busy and fun at you house, Miss!

  8. Fiona

    Oh my goodness. If that last picture is what i think it might be, I’m very excited for you!And that quilt! So inspiring and gorgeous.

  9. Cele

    Amelia’s quilt is comming together nicely.The colours are great. I love the vintage pillow case as well.Is the red a new bed ?

  10. elissa

    I feel the same way – a thousand projects on the go at once. But it feels good. Half a pair of shorts cut out for son, dress just finished for daughter, skirt fabric bought for me. Secateurs sitting on hall table waiting for me to get around to chopping back the lavendar.I’m impressed by the toilet roll germination strategy. What’s that under the toilet rolls? I haven’t had any luck with seeds this year and have gone straight to (more expensive) seedlings. I tried with egg cartons but I let them dry out and it was curtains for them…

  11. librarygirl

    Thank you for posting about the seedlings in the loo rolls – it reminded me to get down to Bunning’s this morning and get a bag of seed raising mix for my jiffy pots. And seeing the colours in that beautiful quilt – have you been to the patchwork shop in the middle of Fagg’s tile shop in Bayswater? It is the weirdest set up, having to walk past all the tiles and grumpy plumbers but is the best shop ever. It’s always full of women hyperventilating over the seemingly endless bolts of fabric!

  12. fiona

    heres to being all over the place! Hurrah! love all your wip’s.What a great idea for the toilet rolls:)

  13. leslie

    It’s so nice to see your works in progress. Here in Vancouver we’re digging up the garden and preparing it for snow! 🙂

  14. louisa

    Awww. such pretty photos, so cozy and warm. They look like shots from a magazine! I just adore Tali; she has a very cute little face. The new little one will be very pleased I’m sure!So good to see you blogging again! I haven’t stopped by since you took a little break some months ago and have missed all your creative inspiration! :0) Hugs, Louisa

  15. makayla

    Love the garden idea. Very smart and much cheaper than the options from the gardening store. How did you over heat them?

  16. mrs-p

    Ooh, the red thingy looks like a bed!!! I dont s’pose that means you have acted on that bit of old Cath Kitson insperation you bloged about a month back and picked up a lovely red brass bed?


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