Peas in the pod

Lily loves to pod peas. She has such a sweet, methodical way of popping them out. It’s a bit of a joy to watch. The olives? Her other passion.

And speaking of little peas – My dear friend Kim had her baby last night. I can’t be any more excited. I spent most of the night tossing and turning and waiting for text messages with updates. Kim is my all time super-star-action-hero. And now little Georgina is here and she is beautiful. Amelia announced to her class at ten to 9 this morning that she has a new Fairy God Sister (which is perfectly logical because Kim was her appointed Fairy God Mother). While all this was going on, all the way up in Sydney, my lovely one and only cousin and his wife were going through much the same and little baby X (still waiting on that name) will be next in line for one of my Punkdorf dolls. We will get to meet him in the New Year. I keep weeping… so much emotion!