Punkdorf pucker

I finished another Waldorf / Punkdorf doll today. This one is a big one, around 50cm (20″) from head to toe. She’s still very wonky with an oddly shaped cranium (think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Scull) and I just can’t seem to make any improvements on the puckered neck but she suddenly got a lot more charming when I added hair and eyes and a mouth. I am hoping she will be completely to-die-for when I finish her off with a matching dress (she is wearing a dress belonging to another doll here).

This girl was an instant hit with all the small people in the house, but is possibly reserved for little Miss X who is due to arrive any moment just a few streets away. There was some gratuitous sobbing when I had to break it to them that “Floppy” was off to a new home and I had to patiently emphasise all that stuff about how the special thing about these dolls are that they are made with great love and a particular child in mind and that they can’t belong to just anyone, and if they want one, it has to be made especially for them etc. etc. It seemed to do the trick. So now I have Christmas orders. “One with blonde hair and blue eyes, a light blue dress with purple stripes and pigtails … no… braids and red bows” for Amelia, and “One with pink hair and pink eyes” for Lily. Hmm. And I will have to practice the “made with great love” bit a whole lot more, and stop saying “crap, crap, crap!” quite so much.