Snails Step Out

Home made bug catcher

Lots of lovely rain last night meant lots of snails. The the excitement surrounding the pillbugs has worn off a little but snails are the new “It” creature around here. There’s nothing more thrilling for the junior entomologists than watching a snail devour a lettuce leaf – just as was enthusiastically theorised. So I thought they might enjoy watching a little of the BBC’s My Family and Other Animals (which I mentioned in September) and true enough, they watched with wonder, but then Amelia started getting scary ideas about having huge towering collections of cages full of wildlife in her new IKEA Expedit shelves. 

I really liked the movie – it’s charming with its quirky characters, deliciously decaying Greek villas, 1930s textiles and clothes and, of course, (as Alicia pointed out to me when I suggested it for her ultimate list of movies to watch for the interiors) there’s Matthew Goode.

So now Amelia is talking about hermit crabs, and the resurrection of the old fish tank as well as all the little creatures which scurry out from the undergrowth as I weed garden beds. What she’d really like (she keeps telling me) is a dog and a tortoise – just like the young Gerald Durrell – and that other great animal lover, Eloise.

Meanwhile, as the builders standing on top of the structure next door staple-gun with abandon and sing along to Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive, I will continue to dream of swanning around on Corfu (pre-World War 2, particularly).