Seachange without changing postcode

This is the view that can be seen from our bedroom window. The people who bought the block of land next door have subdivided the property and are building a two story, three bedroom town house in the backyard. This is the first floor, one more to come. It’s unbelievably compact and scarily close to our fence. But, that’s progress, hey? And I try to look at the positives, like – I guess it’s a good thing to be building up suburbia so that we prevent the greater suburban sprawl… but I am starting to feel just a tad hemmed in, what with this and the other place on the other side of us towering over our yard.

(And yes, they killed the creeper on the fence.)

So my urge to uproot and run for the hills has intensified – but in the meantime, I plant my vegies and think about how there are things that can be done right here which will make me feel like we are a little closer to my fantasy life of rural bliss. It’s really just a state of mind — right?

(I nicked the title from the Slow Guide: Melbourne blog – thanks Martin – it’s my new ethos).