Room to move

We finally moved Lily’s great big chunky change table out of her room today and over to the nursery of a soon-to-be-born baby who will be living just a few streets away. It’s left a great big lovely gap which was quickly filled by a dollhouse that was looking for a home and suddenly lots of inspired play. I love how a room rearrange can bring on squeals of delight, spontaneous dancing and some friendly, sisterly pre-dinner play time.

Do you remember Lily’s room? It’s looking much nicer these days. Next project is to find a new “big” bed ready for Lily to vacate her cot so that we can hand that on too. I am having fantasies about a vintage style wrought iron bed painted red (a la Cath Kidston – c 2006) – but that might have to be moderated somewhat. White would do just fine.

Over the last few months we’ve been throwing around the idea of moving house – ideally we’d like something a little closer to school so the girls can eventually walk, something with a bit more light, something dream-house-like. But of course, now it looks like the wrong time to be moving house on a whim so now instead it’s Operation Nest… After three and a half years it’s time to turn this house into OUR house and stop whinging about its quirks of which it has many and embrace them fully. Quirks are cool. Stay tuned.

* * *

Children’s Rooms Copenhagen – new title from Paumes. Mmm nice.