Birthday cake

I am on the mend. Each day I manage to spend a few more hours out of bed which is such a good thing. I have been getting so bored and frustrated with my lack of energy.

I thought I would include today a photo of Amelia’s 6th birthday cake from when we were up in the country. It was the day before I fell apart with a hallucinogenic fever and looking back I now fully understand why organising any kind of birthday party seemed incredibly hard. The cake was from a packet and completely fell apart, the games were limited and the guest list was incredibly short but the whole thing taught me a little lesson – Amelia said to me “That was the best birthday party ever!”. It really doesn’t take much to make a kid happy (and enormous amounts of sweets and frosting will save any cake in the eyes of a 6 year old).

Happy 6th birthday my beautiful girl. Imagine that? 6!

Gorgeousness: Studio Violet

PS. Thank you for all the sweet get wells over the last week. It helped so much! xx