Japan is for another day

Hello! Here I am.

I have been in bed for the last 7 days – pneumonia! Well, if that doesn’t knock it out of you, nothing does. So very sadly we had to cancel our trip to Japan. We were supposed to fly out yesterday but there was no way. I am trying to be positive about the whole thing and am looking at the rest of 2008 as a blank page ready for all sorts of action – or recuperation anyway. Gentle times are planned.

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  1. mimi k

    I hope that the post means you are on the feeling better side of things- take it easy and speedy recovery.

  2. denice

    what a disappointment! still, i like to think things happen for a reason and that you’re better off staying home even though you’ll never know why. i hope you’re able to plan another trip to japan for very soon.feel better.

  3. melinda

    jeepers you poor thing.japan will always have many beautiful things waiting for you no matter what season.maybe you can make it for the blossoms… best wishes.

  4. louisa

    awww! there’s definitely some nasty bugs going around, i have been on antibiotics to get over what was supposed to be just a cold!Christina will be sad 🙁

  5. AmyG

    Poor Claire. I do hope you get to feeling better soon. You’ve got one tough bug to shake.

  6. sally

    I am so very sorry. I would be so sad about missing a trip to Japan. I hope you feel better – it’s hard being sick with two little ones underfoot.

  7. Emjie

    Oh Loobsta! I am so sorry to hear that. Take it easy and I hope you do feel better before the year is out.I am sending lots of well wishing butterflies to you. Hmmm… I’ll have to draw that for you.

  8. kat

    That sucks but I hope you feel better soon. Japan ain’t goin’ nowhere. Am sure you’ll get another chance to visit soon!!!

  9. fiona

    oh no, so sorry to hear about you and your trip, crap! speedy recovery my dear:)(you did have travl insurance did’nt you??)

  10. Kirsty

    such a shame … send Phil to asukatei for takeaway – it’s yummy. Get well soon!

  11. Prue

    [Sucks in breath in horror]. Hope you are on the mend soon – I know how much it can take out of you – my sister has had pneumonia twice and pleurisy 3 times in the last year and a half.I was sure you must have been on your holiday. Hope your brain is not too fuzzy to do some therapeutic sewing. Get well soon, but baby steps, baby steps.

  12. Melissa Hicks

    Oh Claire, my heart sank when I read your post. I really hope you heal quickly, and get lot’s of rest. As Kat says, Japan will always be there, and I know Christina would be more than happy to be your tour guide when you’re ready. Love,Melissa xoxoxoxo

  13. Jan

    So sorry to hear this! I know how much you were looking forward to Japan. But as others have said, Japan will be there when you’re ready.Do take care of yourself. Lots of rest!

  14. sarah

    oh what a shame about japan, do hope you are feeling much much better very soon…

  15. Cathy

    So sorry to hear about your illness and change of plans. Darn -you were so looking forward to it. You will get there -just a little later than expected. Good health and hugs all round.

  16. Jhoanna

    I’m so sorry to read that you’ve been so sick (and also had to cancel the trip to Japan). Wishing you a speedy recovery Claire.

  17. Lori

    so sorry about your trip. :(i’ve had pneumonia and i know how serious it is and how much it takes out of you — take good care of yourself! xoxo

  18. mojoandco

    I hope you feel better soon! So sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip. What terrible timing, or good timing that you didn’t get sick while overseas??

  19. Donna

    Oh gosh, that’s rotten, what a disappointment. Hope you are feeling better and able to take your time recuperating.

  20. Michelle

    Oh, Claire, I am so sorry for how you’re feeling, and having to cancel the trip. But you know, Japan will still be there, for next time, and I hope you are getting pampered and feel better very quickly so you can enjoy it. Sending best wishes your way.

  21. sanae

    Oh no! It must be so hard being stuck in bed with pneumonia and doubly hard to have to miss your Japan trip — I really hope you feel much better soon! Sending you lots of happy thoughts.

  22. Fran

    Japan’s not going anywhere…and you know what? The dollar is SO BAD right now…I think you’re much better off going next year. Hope you feel stronger each day. Three words: Olive Leaf Extract!!

  23. victoria

    Claire, poor you, how awful and how disappointing. Nice to look on the positive side, but what a bummer. Take it easy, accept help, rest up.

  24. Emma

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been stuck in bed sick for so long! And that it’s made you miss a trip to Japan! I hope you’re feeling better soon and can replan your trip soon

  25. Zoe

    that is such a shame. I do hope you’re feeling better really soon. There will be another time for Japan.

  26. Hilary P.

    How disappointing! I’m so sorry to hear it. But Japan is still there, and you will get there soon, I’m sure.You should order yourself up a copy of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter by Asrid Lindgren. It’s a great story. Read it and you will feel better!

  27. amanda

    oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your pneumonia. I thought you’re already having fun in Japan. well, I do hope you’re get better soon and get to go on another vacation. take care!

  28. Fioleta

    Poor, poor you! I hope you’ll get better and something good will happen before the year is over to compensate for you missing out on a trip to Japan.

  29. Sharon

    Oh poor Claire – sadly just some things are just not meant to be… It is more importantly to take care of one’s self for the long term future and with it the promise of lots of good things to come your way… Drink lots and lots of fluid – eat lightly but well- and rest infinite amounts of time… Hugs for you OOOOO

  30. cranky

    You did the right thing. It is NO FUN flying with pneumonia – when I was coming home from the UK years ago I checked myself out of hospital and got on the plane because my ticket expired the next day…and they got me off in a WHEELCHAIR in Sydney! It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done!Get better soon…

  31. Prudence

    Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you’re recovered! And I’m sorry about missing your trip to Japan, but relieved that you’re well. My husband got pneumonia twice one winter about five years ago – it’s scary. So glad you’re okay. xoxo

  32. Nanette

    Lord! What a time to get sick, and serious sickness too. Here are some words that may help:#%^%^#$$$%#&@^$&@(#!&#^:”:#*!@&)*(&!Hope you are resting with flowers and a bedside table groaning under the weight of international magazines.x PS I was going to do some posts on Tokyo this week so don’t pop over. Wouldn’t want you having a relapse!

  33. Lara

    So sorry to hear this Claire, especially missing a trip to Japan of all places. But good to hear you’re getting better and Japan will indeed always be there, waiting, getting better and better 😉

  34. Alisa

    Oh, that’s such bad luck you poor poppet! Take it easy, get well and Japan will wait.

  35. Iona

    I was so looking forward to your adventure in Japan (not nearly as much as you were, I’m sure). Rest well and thoroughly – I hope the rest of the year is much kinder to you.

  36. Isabella

    Aw, hope you feel better soon! and you get to visit Japan when you are all rested.

  37. justine

    hey claireive gone down that same path, pneumonia!uhhyes i like your outlookfor something not to go the way you want it to , there has got to be an upside :)rest and get well soonI’ll take my own advise!


  38. Beck

    You poor thing. I had the dreaded pneumonia when I was pregnant with my fifth child. It was awful and it did take me quite a few weeks to recover. Try to rest as much as possible,I hope you feel better soon, Beck

  39. Gina

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to cancel Japan – and that you’ve been so ill. I hope you get tons of rest and recover soon. Take care.

  40. Caroline

    Oh you poor thing! You take care of yourself, and don’t forget, Japan will still be there next time. In fact, I have it from good sources that by next time, Japan will have become EVEN BETTER. Take care.

  41. Jen

    OH NO! So sorry to hear you have been sick and missed your trip – a double blow. Get well soon.

  42. gingermog

    Pneaumonia! Gosh Claire I am terribly sorry to hear this. Bless you I hope you shrug it off soon. Also very sorry to hear about your cancelled trip to Japan, but Japan will always be there and you need to look after your precious health.

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