Lily’s quilt

My first ever quilt! I thought I would do a show and tell – because I so very rarely finish anything of this magnitude (and it’s only a crib quilt!).

Actually, it’s been finished for quite a while now – but I hadn’t taken the time to photograph it. On Thursday both tikes spent a large amount of the day snuggled on the couch under their quilts so I got a chance to snap it in use.

This quilt couldn’t have got any simpler in design but I really like square quilts. That being said, I am sure if I mastered those tricky corners I would really like triangular quilts (looking at Fiona’s beauty – who couldn’t?).

I did lots of hand quilting on this thing – in retrospect, I think it’s too much. But I wanted to get that wrinkly vintage look.

And does it ever get used? Not really – Lily prefers her light, cheap Ikea doona. What can ya do. It’s good for those sick days on the couch. Next I have the hand quilting to do on Amelia’s quilt which will take me about 14 years, at least.