Lily’s quilt

My first ever quilt! I thought I would do a show and tell – because I so very rarely finish anything of this magnitude (and it’s only a crib quilt!).

Actually, it’s been finished for quite a while now – but I hadn’t taken the time to photograph it. On Thursday both tikes spent a large amount of the day snuggled on the couch under their quilts so I got a chance to snap it in use.

This quilt couldn’t have got any simpler in design but I really like square quilts. That being said, I am sure if I mastered those tricky corners I would really like triangular quilts (looking at Fiona’s beauty – who couldn’t?).

I did lots of hand quilting on this thing – in retrospect, I think it’s too much. But I wanted to get that wrinkly vintage look.

And does it ever get used? Not really – Lily prefers her light, cheap Ikea doona. What can ya do. It’s good for those sick days on the couch. Next I have the hand quilting to do on Amelia’s quilt which will take me about 14 years, at least.

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  1. kburklin

    Adorable quilt, esp. with the polka dots. Even if she doesn’t use it (it will last longer!), it looks cute over the crib. great job..

  2. Erin K

    Oh my goodness, it’s STUNNING. one of the most adorable quilts I’ve ever seen! Your Lily is beautiful too. 🙂 Oh and I love the crinkly look and think it’s the perfect amount of quilting.

  3. Jennifer

    Bravo, Claire. It is beautiful, and the colors are so soft and classic. Give it time, and she might absolutely fall in love with it later on. The hand quilted quilts my mother made for the girls when they were babies get more use now than they did three years ago.I admit I am excited to see what you start patchwork-ing next!

  4. Andi

    What a lovely quilt. The colours and fabrics all work so beautifully together. Well done on getting it finished. Are you inspired to finish more projects? Or maybe a bigger one? I’d love to see more of your work.

  5. Cathy

    Am a longtime fan delurking to say the quilt is gorgeous and such a lovely combination of prints and colours!At the risk of seeing stalkerish, I also follow you on Twitter and noticed your plea for comfortable Tokyo shoes. You may be looking for something more formal or sneaker-esque but if you can get them down under, I highly recommend the Minnetonka Kilty moccasin ( or Suede Skimmer moc ( I too hate shoe shopping but these are sturdy and the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn for basic city-type walking. They stretch a lot (as mine have) so if you get them, I would size down half a size. I also spray a leather/suede protector to protect the suede from the elements.

  6. Judy

    I love the colors -pink and orange. And I love the squares. The little bunny underneath is cute as the buttons too.

  7. Spare Ribbon

    This is your first quilt? Well it looks terrific. I just love how cute and pink it is. Lily looks like she is enjoying the quilt.

  8. melanie watts

    It’s beautiful and definitely something she will treasure You did a perfect job with all the hand quilting. Now I’m inspired to try hand quilting myself.

  9. Linda

    The quilt is just delightful! I love your fabric choices. Very girly without too much pink!

  10. Michelle

    As a quilter, I can honestly say that your quilt is absolutely beautiful. The colours are spectacular together, and there is no such thing as too much hand quilting, in my opinion.And if the quilt is loved and cuddled and used as a security blanket, then that’s what really matters!

  11. michelle

    Maybe it is a good thing she doesn’t want to use it all the time, it won’t get loved to death and you can pass it to her children someday. It is so pretty it definitely should be an heirlom!

  12. Cassi

    It’s beautiful! I love your color choices, favorites of mine, and you definitely achieved the vintage look – gorgeous!

  13. Melissa

    I love the quilt. I have a huge Queen size one I need to quilt. Don’t really know where to start it is so huge.If you are looking for great walking shoes you can’t go past keens. I have the Portland Mary Janes and the Sydneys and I love them. So comfortable. And if you know your size you can save a lot by ordering from here. They only take a couple of days to arrive from Sydney.

    PS I am so jealous. I love all things Japanese. Even have a Japanese tattoo.

  14. victoria

    It’s gorgeous. I’ve got as far as cutting up old baby clothes I can’t part with but which aren’t memory box keepers. I’ve cut out some squares, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t even know which exactly is the quilting part – is it the making them stick together part?! I’m hoping I can just sew all the squares together and stuff it with padding/wadding and then sew all over it – is that the principle you used, only much more complicated I’m sure. I don’t even know what a quilting shoe does – I MUST find more time to surf so I can answer own questions!

  15. Frogdancer

    Watch out….you may think you’ll stop at one quilt. (I thought that I might.) But you’ll find that you’ll do more…

    and more…

    and (dare I say?) more.

    (Nice job, by the way.)

  16. Sheridan

    Oh it is so lovely to see this quilt finished! I remember back when you bought the fabrics for it, and showed us the quilt top whilst you were still pregnant. It is one of my all-time favourite quilts – I just adore the pink and orange.Congratulations on finishing it…all that hand-quilting – amazing!

  17. amanda

    It’s lovely! I love the combination of pinks and oranges. And it’s perfectly wrinkly, the wrinklier the better I think.

  18. Elise

    Gorgeous. You have such a way with colours, I’m continually awed by your simple yet perfect creations.

  19. julie king

    oh, it’s wonderful! i love the colors so much! this is my first visit to your blog — from a little birdie told me so.

  20. Iona

    My kids do the same: mmm, should I use this polar fleece blanket that has been cut in to, or should I choose the handpieced and quilted blanket made by a dear family friend? Polar fleece wins every time. I’m planning an intervention.The quilt is beautiful – such a gorgeous combination of colour and pattern. I have three WIPs and no finished quilts yet.

  21. read me...

    it’s absolutely beautiful.. and although lily perhaps doesn’t appreciate it as much as you might like now… as she gets older she is going to treasure such a wonderful gift which has been made with love especially for her!!

  22. Fiona

    You haven’t handquilted too much – that crinkly look is gorgeous. She may prefer IKEA stuff now but I’m sure she’ll appreciate your eye for colour and dedication when she’s a bit older!

  23. Michelle

    That’s very beautiful. I think handmade quilts feel comfier than other blankets, but maybe that’s just me.

  24. Anne

    Wowow, I’m so impressed!Many is the time I’ve started planning a qiult but I have never ever got very far :)Well done you!

  25. soo

    it’s just lovely!!! I remember seeing it when you had finished the quilt top and it made me start my first ever quilt. Very pretty!

  26. kristin

    it’s lovely and looks like it is already getting well loved. all the pinks and yellows and oranges look so pretty together.

  27. Fiona

    It’s absolutely beautiful – I love those colours. Lily looks very cozy. I’ve only every attempted crib sized quilts, too. The thought of tackling something bigger (not to mention wrestling it through the machine) is far too overwhelming!

  28. Maureen

    Claire that first picture is just precious. Maybe the 2nd quilt can be for a grandchild!?!??! 😉

  29. Jodie Maloni

    The quilt is gorgeous, my girls always drag theirs out to the couch. At first I was a bit precious about it but now realise they are there to be actually used & loved.

  30. Bobbi

    You did a super job, I love the fabric choice. I totally agree with loving the old vintage look, you can never have too many hand stitches in a quilt. With every stitch you are putting a piece of yourself in it.

  31. bec

    ooo lovely quilt!! I’m de-lurking as well 🙂 I too have an issue with completing projects! My quilt has been going for over a year now!

    the triangle quilt you linked to is actually easier than you think. Simly cut one square of white fabric, one square of coloured fabic then sew (right sides together) 2 lines on the diagonal from one point of the square to the other to point (like a train track) then cut right down the middle of the two sewn lines. Then open it out and bobs your uncle you’ve got one square with 1 white triangle and 1 coloured triangle 🙂

  32. rhelynn

    Very pretty! Hope she’ll like it more as she gets older. Thanks for linking to Fiona’s quilt too as I had missed it. All of my bassinet quilts sold now so maybe you’ll inspire me to make some more.

  33. evie

    Absolutely adorable! I love the colours and material used in this quilt. Lily is a lucky girl.

  34. Nanette

    amazing quilt!ps am most flattered that you have been popping over my way – I’m a long-term reader here.

  35. Kim

    Such a beautiful quilt! I adore pink and orange for little girls, and it has a lovely vintage-y look.

  36. Finch

    Absolutely gorgeous. To divulge something sort of embarrassing – my mum made me a lovely blanket that ended up getting torn to bits by our dogs when I was a wee girl. I ended up sleeping with a sleeping bag [decorated with bears with various occupations – fireman, astronaut, etc.] I loved that sleeping bag but eventually, I needed a proper blanket. My mum covered the sleeping bag with fabric and gave me a brand new blanket out of my beloved sleeping bag.I still sleep with it, it’s massive – a full or queen size, so it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it’s still my “baby blanket”, well version 2.0

    I love your quilt and it’s inspired me to attempt one of my own. I know Lily will treasure it forever, it’s gorgeous.

  37. Jennifer

    i think that’s one of the prettiest quilts i’ve ever seen! i love the colors and patterns together. you did a wonderful job, what a treasure!

  38. Emjie

    Hey Loobsta! I know you are on vacation but just thought I’d say I am missing your blog entries.When you sell your rabbit dolls will it be at your Etsy shop? I am really quite keen to buy one for my baby’s room I am currently setting up.

  39. momo

    How wonderful, Claire! What a feat! In years to come Lily will definitely be able to tell the difference between this and the Ikea quilt.

  40. Louise

    It came together beautifully with just the right amount of quilting and vintagey loveliness!

  41. JennyC.No3

    How lovely! I’ve never made a quilt before but I’ve been itching too, and your beautiful piece has made me want to even more! Can you suggest any quilting books that you think would help a newbie out?Great job!

  42. Erin

    Hi there,I am thinking about making a quilt but want to start collecting the right fabric first. Where did you get the material for your beautiful quilt?


  43. Katrina

    Stunning quilt! Great choice of fabric.I’ve had similar experiences with my kids – they love receiving my handmade treats for all of a minute but rarely take them to heart. What can you do…

  44. Lynne

    I was googling my own (new) quilt blog called lilysquilts to see if it would come up and came across your super cute quilt so thought I would pop over and take a look. I laughed out loud when I read she prefers something from IKEA! Mym Mum used to make us very Twiggy-esque dresses in Liberty lawn and we hated them and wished we could have crimplene dresses with frills and flounces from cheap shops in our town! Kids, eh? Love your blog. I’m going to follow!

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