Things I am doing

Today involves:
Packing for the school holidays
Buying champagne for my bestie’s baby shower
Ordering cakes for my bestie’s baby shower
Starting an illustration for some nice girls
Attending a “linen party”
Returning library books
Entertaining sick children
Grocery shopping
Thinking about zombies (well, I am)
Filling in forms for the Child Care Rebate
Sorting out an invoice with a doctor
Dinner (chicken and basil and cashews? Mmm yes)

Other things I would like to be doing:
Watching Project Runway (both US and Aussie versions)
Eating King Island Dairy vanilla yoghurt
Starting secret project for my bestie’s baby
Listening to some music
A proper blog post
Reading a book (rockin’)
Checking out my enormous list of favourite blogs
Pre-ordering Moomin book three

17 Responses to “Things I am doing”

  1. suzy

    The Child Care Rebate form is awful. It’s really confusing, as is the letter they send after you submit it.”Uncommon Arrangements” looks great, I will try to track it down. I am currently reading the Divided Heart, after reading your recommendation, and really loving it – thanks so much for the tip! It is good to know that I am not the only person who prefers to breastfeed on the left side because that leaves my writing / mouse hand free.

  2. pip

    Hey LoobyLu.You’ll be big in Japan.All the best things are.xx Pip

    ps – good luck with those lists, Miss!pps – i didn’t mean big-fat-big… i meant big-admired-big. you are very thin, as you know.

  3. Nicky

    Wow, you are very organised. Could you give me lessons?I can understand you wanting to crochet. Those colours look beautiful, especially the yellow! I wish I had your eye (and your talents 🙂

  4. Angie

    All of this with sick children….wow!They must not be of the whingy variety like mine are when sickly.

    Hope you left a good margin on the credit card for fabric shopping in Japan!

  5. Prue

    I’ve never seen such a list for going on holidays! Mine is usually scrawled on a scrap of paper, if it makes it to paper at all!

  6. gingermog

    Wow your long list sounds like mine, except the enteraining the sick kids part. I hope they are not feeling too groggy. Sometimes I think my lists are a little too long though and I would feel I achieved more in a day if I kept to ummmm say about six items. Good luck with your list :)OOhh there’s a Moomin book 3 coming out!

  7. Danielle

    Yes, the childcare rebate form is nasty. I got about 8 letters from them after I submitted. But they did deposit a very nice amount of money into my thirsty bank account.

  8. Fiona

    I heard Kate Roiphe interviewed on Radio National this morning and added that book to my to-read list. Sounds fantastic.Good luck ticking everything off your list!

  9. Kari

    Ha! I’m thinking about zombies too (I wonder how many people are?) My husband just finished reading the Zombie Survival Guide and we just watched Fido last night. Check them out, you’ll be thinking about zombies even more!

  10. Melissa Crowe

    Can I just say (as an American, born and bred) that Australian Project Runway is SO much better this season than the American version. SO MUCH BETTER.

  11. Hilary P.

    Why are you thinking about zombies? Did you read World War Z? Silly title, but very enjoyable and good to read in short chunks. Don’t get scared!

  12. pinkpoppies

    Please what is a linen party? Does it involve cake? PinkPS I love lists too!

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