Things I am doing

Today involves:
Packing for the school holidays
Buying champagne for my bestie’s baby shower
Ordering cakes for my bestie’s baby shower
Starting an illustration for some nice girls
Attending a “linen party”
Returning library books
Entertaining sick children
Grocery shopping
Thinking about zombies (well, I am)
Filling in forms for the Child Care Rebate
Sorting out an invoice with a doctor
Dinner (chicken and basil and cashews? Mmm yes)

Other things I would like to be doing:
Watching Project Runway (both US and Aussie versions)
Eating King Island Dairy vanilla yoghurt
Starting secret project for my bestie’s baby
Listening to some music
A proper blog post
Reading a book (rockin’)
Checking out my enormous list of favourite blogs
Pre-ordering Moomin book three