Rabbits are multiplying

I am getting there. I found a couple of spare hours today, ransacked Lily’s room to turn it into a photo studio of sorts (you should have seen my scary looking lighting set up… towers of bed-side lamps teetering of mountains of stacked furniture), did some very amateurish styling and photographed three of the five rabbits in various set ups and then my camera battery ran out… and then we had to find the recharger… and then I needed a cup of tea… and then I realised that the rabbits aren’t actually finished and I was going to sew little buttons on their dresses… how did I forget that?… and so it comes to a grinding halt for the time being.

I don’t know if I am going to get a chance to list them for sale until late October when we get back from Japan – perhaps by then the 5 rabbits will have become 10 as I have a whole bunch more cut out ready to be put together.

But I thought this was a cute shot regardless.