Rabbits are multiplying

I am getting there. I found a couple of spare hours today, ransacked Lily’s room to turn it into a photo studio of sorts (you should have seen my scary looking lighting set up… towers of bed-side lamps teetering of mountains of stacked furniture), did some very amateurish styling and photographed three of the five rabbits in various set ups and then my camera battery ran out… and then we had to find the recharger… and then I needed a cup of tea… and then I realised that the rabbits aren’t actually finished and I was going to sew little buttons on their dresses… how did I forget that?… and so it comes to a grinding halt for the time being.

I don’t know if I am going to get a chance to list them for sale until late October when we get back from Japan – perhaps by then the 5 rabbits will have become 10 as I have a whole bunch more cut out ready to be put together.

But I thought this was a cute shot regardless.

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  1. victoria

    Gorgeous as always Claire. I too have bodies everywhere right now. Intention is that I will stock up the girls for Christmas, but as we know, it doesn’t always progress as fast as we’d like. Meant to ask which hairdresser you see, is it someone local?

  2. Cassandra

    I think the rabbits are gorgeous! I am a big fan of buttons too, love the button stall at Camberwell market. Oh the beautiful things you will find in Japan. How exciting. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind!

  3. Melissa Gaggiano

    Oh! The cuteness!Oh! The sweetness!Loobi Loob Loobsta!I am your greatest fan!

    When your gorgeous rabbit dolls go up for sale I seriously want to buy one for my daughter who will enter this world, January next year.

    Keep us posted Claire, and…Keep up the goodness.

  4. Kate

    They are so delicious. I can’t believe how you can inject so much personality into an inanimate object. They are too adorable! (And the way you describe your lighting system reminds me of the post you did some time ago about how Amelia stacked furniture in a highly unstable stack…must be genetic?!)

  5. Anna Laura

    Oh they look lovely, I love the colour of fabric on the faces! My Mum just left for Japan yesterday, I think it is her 7th or so trip so I am somewhat jealous (although she goes with groups of students, so I’m not so jealous of that bit).

  6. Jhoanna

    Eeeeeek! They are wonderful!!! And they really do remind me of marshmallows. The colours are fabulous. Looking forward to your shop opening 🙂

  7. Emma

    That’s such a gorgeous photo! Your bunnies are so cute and colourful :)Also since reading about you plans to given them all little buttons on their dresses, the two rabbits on the right do seem to be eyeing of the left bunny’s buttons!

  8. Cele

    Oh what cuteness ! They look so soft and hugable.Well done, love the fabric textures and colour combos.

  9. mimi k

    You get the fun part done and then there is all that other stuff- your photoshoot experience sounds very familiar- especially the part where you realize that the pieces aren’t really finished. That always happens to me when I look at the photos- somehow I see the work with different eyes and think, ack! That doesn’t look right at all! The bunnies look fantastic, buttons and no buttons.

  10. Emily

    The bunnies look lovely. Your photos also always look great. I can’t find any beautiful corners to take pictures in my flat. We moved here 18 months ago when my youngest was 3 weeks old and it still has beige old lady decoration everywhere! I like the sound of finding a couple of hours to ones self! How old is lily now???

  11. sanae

    ohmygosh SO cute!!!! I love love love the fluffy fabric you used and the color combination is gorgeous for each dress 🙂

  12. Fioleta

    The rabbits are super adorable. I used to collect rabbits (dolls, statures, etc), I wish I could add yours to my collection. Enjoy Japan.

  13. lissilulu

    they are way to cute!going to do a blog post on their cuteness and link to your post. :o)Have a GREAT trip to Japan…will you be able to post some pictures to your blog of sightseeing? I would love to show my kids if you can.Lori

  14. Miss Muggins

    I love your little rabbits, their faces are so appealing. As the owner, operator of a real rabbit, I’m sure they create far less trouble too!

  15. Angie

    I think they are quite literally the cutest AND most stylish little peeps I have seen for a long long time!

  16. Melissa

    Oh we can wait!!! I have one one of these since I first started reading your blog many moons ago and it all started with that cute little prickley pear. I hope I am a lucky owner of one of these cuties and I am super jealous that your going to Japan!!! I hope you have a great trip.

  17. Maureen Trump

    Put me down for a bunny. They are really cute and I have a gdaughter who would love it to pieces.Maureen

  18. Linda

    I didn’t realize until today that you are back! I used to read your journal during my lunch-time at work. Now I’m at home all the time, but I can still read your words & be inspired by your work. Thanks for coming back! — Linda in California

  19. jane winton

    What lovely bunnies and dolls you make. I love their little dresses. Love your blog, I will pop in again to see what else you have been up to. Jane in Cornwall.


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