Punkdorf doll

Look! I’m twittering (as of 22 minutes ago)! I seem to think in tweets these days so it suits my style.

Look! I’m making another Waldorf doll (I have been calling them punkdorf dolls due to my very un-Waldorf kind of approach. Lots of swearing and seam ripping).

Look! I found a very nice blog – beautiful dolls – and I wish I looked so incredibly gorgeous (and French) as I sew up my little creations.

12 Responses to “Punkdorf doll”

  1. Carla Darling

    Hi Loobylu! I love how you called your style ‘punkdorf’! Who wants to do it the boring way, anyway?I agree with you about how addictive celebrity blogs are. But at least I save money reading the blogs, instead of buying the magazines!

    Good luck with your dolls!

    Carla Darlingwww.carladarling.blogspot.com

  2. omi

    I so love your dolls! The french ones are gorgeous, but yours have spunk and style. Isnt that apple fabric the best? I am reaching the end of my stash of it…cant seem to find it anymore.

  3. Vivien

    Awesome to see you twittering! I cannot believe they mulched a lemon tree. Was it huge? They could have dug it up and sold it. A ridiculous twig of a lemon tree that won’t fruit for years still sells for $30.

  4. frazzy dazzles

    hee hee…I’m glad that I’m not the only serene crafter who likes the odd swearing mutter under her breath as she reaches for the seam ripper! I think your dolls are delicious! Jen

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