Spring enthusiasm

There is dappled sunshine in the garden and on my keyboard this morning. The first day of Spring feels very nice indeed. I will continue to ignore the weeds for the time being.

We had a busy weekend full of friends and relations, croissants, swimming lessons, fish n chips, movies (date night = Tropic Thunder – brilliant!) birthday parties and even some of my parents’ friends giving us a spontaneous singing rendition over lunch on Saturday. When I looked at my calendar on Friday I wasn’t sure how we were going to manage it, but it was actually an incredibly refreshing weekend.

You will notice (if you visit this site, and not just read the feed) that I have updated my right hand side bar links today for September. There are plenty of lovely blogs this month. I got a bit carried away.

So, here are some more Spring thoughts;

1. Angus Stone has a very nice voice. I have Paper Aeroplane on repeat.

2. I have almost finished my enormous pile of rabbits and they will be on sale early next week. Stay tuned for details.

3. Rachel Power’s book combined with my teenage journals have been an incredibly potent combination of “get your ass in to gear” type of inspiration for me lately. Reading back over those years of 15-17 where everything was exciting because everything was a possibility made me feel a bit sad that I have seemed to have lost that sense of wonder. Every play I saw had a little tingle of excitement because somewhere in the back of my mind there was a “I am going to do something like that one day”. Every good book I read continued to convince me that one day I would have a bash at something like that. I have found that as I have got a bit (lot) older a good play or a fabulous book can leave me with a little tinge of sadness, a little sense of regret.

And then suddenly I realised (thanks Rachel, thanks teenage self) that there is absolutely no reason at all, just because I’m a “grown up” and primarily a mother that I can’t start dreaming like that again. And the exciting bit is that as a “grown up” I actually have the capacity to let some of those dreams become more of a reality. All that’s required is a little hard work (and a little less worry about how clean the house is).

So there you have it… I am doing some writing. Lots of crazed, first draft writing. It’s fun.