There was a little Mr Mom moment in the kitchen this morning. I came out in the kitchen to find Phil cleaning Lily up after her breakfast with the vacuum cleaner! He looked at me and said “What?? This is highly effective!”.

The funniest bit was Lily telling my Mum later in the day all about it, and Mum turned to me and said “Did she just say daddy cleaned her breakfast out of her sleeve with the vacuum cleaner?”, Umm, yes she did.

** Portrait of Phil by me and Lily.

11 Responses to “Sucka”

  1. Cindy

    So funny, I love the whole thought process that must of gone on before he whipped the vacuum out. I wonder if there were any other options that he tried first that weren’t such a success.

  2. pip

    Yep. We’ve vacuumed children over here in The ‘Roy. Really super good for getting nits out of hair. Not that we have nits… But you know.. IF we ever had nits. We’ve heard it’s good.Cam’s been known to vacuum crumbs from table tops after lunch too. He hearts his Nilfisk.

    I hope you are well, lovely Loobs. And your wee family too!

    See you soon!

    xx pip

  3. Magda

    I have been known to use the ole dust buster for this purpose (it’s unbeatable for high-chair crumbs). Glad I’m not alone!

  4. amy

    That is just plain awesome. My husband has been known to clean the high chair, toaster and kitchen table with the vacuum before as well.

  5. Melissa

    That is too hilarious I mean really. Sometime you just have to wonder what goes on up there:) thanks for the giggle.

  6. Gretchen

    Hey, don’t laugh at something that works so well! My daughter (3) thinks it’s hilarious when I get the mess out of her lap with the Dustbuster. It’s practically the first tool I get out whenever I let her help with the cooking – so much easier than worrying about her being messy in the first place!


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