Cold Grey

This has been one of those long winter weeks.

Phil is away working in California and both girls (and now me too) have been sick with temperatures and ear aches, and there have been sleepless nights and lots of hiding inside away from the chill and the rain. I am still not complaining about the rain (oh why didn’t we get a rainwater tank installed before the winter?)- but I took a fully recovered Amelia to a (disco) birthday party this afternoon and the car almost got bogged on the way home! Yes, it was Greensborough but honestly – that’s not exactly rural.

But at twilight tonight I realised I could hear blackbirds in the garden and I wandered outside and while the sky was still a cold-grey, I could smell blossom, so the end of our winter hibernation is nigh.

And look at the garden! Some serious work is needed in the vegie patch.

And I need to get to some marmalade making – the only cheerful thing in the garden are the kumquats.

Bring on Spring!