20 years ago today (or so)

Today Mum and I took the girls for a super quick, late-in-the-afternoon whizz around the Children’s Book Week fair. The girls had their faces painted and made badges, and I got to have a catch-up chat with a long time favourite illustrator who I did a week of work experience with back in 1988. I think I made us both feel old. But it made me want to draw again. That was nice.

Speaking of the 80s; We had dinner with friends last night where I spent quite a lot of time arguing with my old mate about the 1987 Eurythimic’s concert, which we had both attended, but of which we both have entirely different memories. She found her old journal and produced her ticket. Sure enough, she was right – The Myer Music Bowl. Disturbed by my total lack of Myer-bowl recall, (I remember Crowded House there, TISM, REM even, but not the Eurythmics) I dug out my old journal from ’87-’88 (densely decorated with Amnesty International stickers and images of Johnny Depp, River Phoenix and Corey Feldman) to discover, with great relief, that my ticket was indeed for The Entertainment Centre. Same tour, different nights and different venues I guess. Are you old enough to remember this tour? Do you remember the giant zip? You have to remember that giant zip.

And then by sheer coincidence I stumbled upon the entry from that week of work experience at Five Mile Press (back in the day!) and how much fun I had and about the enormous crush I developed on one of the boys in the studio – but no surprises there because with some further flicking through this journal, it seems that in 1988 I managed a crush on someone completely new every couple of weeks. Pretty impressive for a girl who I remember had almost zero social life.

Now I’m off to make a cup of tea and read all about my 1988 school play.