Some bits for a Thursday

I have always loved Dover books – their colouring books and paper doll books reach far back into my childhood. Do you get the Dover sampler emails? If not, take a look. It’s free to subscribe, and while it’s mostly just a clever marketing campaign for their books, each week you are sent some free clip-art samples which I often find interesting and pretty inspiring. Take this week’s Mondrian painting (above: Broadway Boogie-Woogie by Piet Mondrian) – imagine that as a quilt!

Speaking of subscriptions, a month or so ago I subscribed to Mixtape Zine, Justine and Nichola’s awesome craft zine which is always packed full of good stuff and chatty, very readable articles, reviews, columns and interviews. My latest one just arrived and, as usual, it’s great. I am this months’ Crafty Lady Profile – and I always love Simmone’s pages (because, honestly, ever since I read Notes from the Teenage Underground, I would read anything Simmone wrote, even if her target audience for literature is a good… hmmm… 20 years younger than me ), and Gemma’s Sunny Buick interview is cool and makes me want to be a beatnik and live in paris and become a tattoo artist… and then I remember I am me and I turn the page and there’s an article on greening your child’s birthday party, and then an article on Tupperware and LOTS more… so you can’t beat Mixtape! And it’s cheap!

And have you checked our your house on the street view in Google Maps? It’s SO weird. And our fence is SO ugly. They must have been around our area in the middle of Summer because everything looks horrible and dead and dry. Weirdness.