On my desk – soft things

In an unprecedented leap – both children have been sleeping until after 7am every day this week. I am quite delirious as I feel kind of normal again! Phil and I have been able to stay up until almost 11 each night (gasp!) watching The Lord of the Rings, in all its extended glory, and still manage to function perfectly well the next day. I really hope this lasts, but these things rarely do. I am sure now that I have blogged about it, we will be up at 6 again tomorrow.

On my desk today (or “on my table by the window” anyway) are a bunch of rabbits being worked on slowly for a shop release in September, and a box of yarn from my stash which I have been sporadically turning into granny squares.

I continue to love this chilly Winter, apart from the colds and coughs which have taken up permanent residence around here. Tonight I am making Shepherd’s Pie, and I may even make an apple crumble. Mmm.

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  1. librarygirl

    Shepherds pie has been a new favourite around here this winter…winter food is the best.Love apple crumble too – and what about chocolate self saucing pudding?

  2. abbiebabble

    It’s supposed to be summer here, and yet all of those delicious winter foods you described would go perfectly with our current weather!

  3. Michelle

    Oh, chenille bunnies! Nice!I love this time of the year, with the sudden desire for roast vegies, casseroles and apple pie!

  4. melissa

    Will they be on etsy? I love your bunnies!!!I hear you on the feeling human thing – wish my little one would sleep till 7am!

  5. brit

    Strange how you picture things in your head only to find them so different in ‘real’ life. I always imagined you embroidered faces first, but now I see that is one of your last steps.Loobylu..unplugged!

  6. Jhoanna

    Oh, each of those bunnies are going to be absolutely delightful – even without faces they are super cute! I agree, loving this colder Melbourne weather too – only problem is that it is conducive to much eating of the hearty (and not so wholesome) kind!

  7. Claire

    But actually, brit, I used to embroider the faces as part of the first steps, but with the last rabbit (for the Mirabel auction) I tried embroidering it last and it was SO much easier.

  8. Ben

    And here I am eating homemade Shepherds Pie reading this 😉

  9. ingrid

    Shephards pie, apple crumble and sleeping children! Now that is my idea of a blissful winter.

  10. Paisley Jade

    oooooohhh – so love your bunnys! Hubby and me stay up til about 11 each night too – enjoying the kid free time – watching movies, sewing (thats me) and blogging. Sometimes I don’t mind being a zombie the next day!

  11. sally

    I know what you mean about babies sleeping in. Some days my 6 month old sleeps in and I feel so lucky – especially if the older child complies with sleeping in. I’m so excited about the softies! The bunnies are so cute and pretty. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  12. Melissa

    I can’t wait I would love to get a rabbit, I always seem to be slow and they disappear so fast. I will be keeping my eyes peeled;)

  13. Lisa

    The projects “on your desk” are adorable. So cute. Isn’t it great to have creative time to yourself to get more things like this done. A pleasure to browse.

  14. Kirsty

    Look at all those gorgeous bunnies…so lovely. Not to mention the squares (oh how I love a square).

  15. Calee

    I am so glad this post wasn’t about all the things you’re accomplishing before 7am! Isn’t it wonderful to exist on a grown-up schedule again and not feel like you’re going to fall asleep after that 1st cup of coffee?Digging the blog. Found it through SAJ’s interview on Creative Construction.

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