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Finally, I have updated my sidebar (right) with some links for July / August. This time I have decided to list the lovely blogs I visit regularly for inspiration, escapism and fetishism – design blogs.

For those in the know, there’s really nothing new here – all familiar bloggers who do it so well (unfortunately I haven’t had the time to mine for undiscovered gems. Please let me know or leave a comment if you know of any screamingly obvious omissions or personal favourites). I keep coming back to the blogs which I feel most at home in – ones that feature eclectic, personality filled houses. Loads of texture and colour, often with much evidence of kids, often with big saggy sofas covered in cushions.

All these blogs feature gorgeous interiors, and beautiful objects and art created by unique, exquisitely talented and often (sometimes?) affordable designers – so exciting.

Our house is a tragic work in progress, and always will be. But at least with these blogs I can spend a little time visiting that seductive realm of “In an unknown parallel universe, this is how I live”.

** the above image is from Design Sponge‘s Lena Corwin Competition 3rd place winner Meredith Kleinman. Grace’s Design Sponge is probably my very favourite space on the web at the moment. Gorgeous gorgeousness all the time. And WHO isn’t coveting the new Lena Corwin book! Argh!**

12 Responses to “Creatures of Habitat: Beautiful Blogs”

  1. Lucy

    Hi Claire…Since you ask for other blogs you may not know of… I thought I would point you to my little design blog – I cover a lot of local independent Melbourne design and art etc, but international stuff too. I also interview a Melbourne-based creative person every week.

    I should mention too that way back maybe 5 or 6 years ago Loobylu was the FIRST blog I ever stumbled across! I was searching for Patchwork on Central Park and found you instead! You introduced me to the amazing world of blogs… and now here I am with my very own 🙂 So thankyou! I’m so glad you’re back!

    Lucy – Brunswick, Melbourne x

  2. Lisa

    I don’t think I’ve seen you link to Swiss Miss before.

    It looks busted at the moment but is normally updated regularly with stuff I haven’t seen on the other links you have.

    This is the second blog I visit most weeks. After Loobyly 😉

  3. Helen

    thanks for these links Claire! Some nice new ones to explore :)Have you seen Desire to Inspire blog? – an Australian/Canadian collaboration with so much house eye candy!

  4. spoiledonlychild

    I think these pictures are just like catalogs. They offer some fantasy of a perfect life that is never truly realized, even by the people who live in the houses in those photographs. Everyone’s house, and everyone’s life, is a work in progress. Don’t let their beautifully framed photographs fool you.

  5. Shannon

    Thanks for the list! I also have a blog but its not a design blog, but a cooking blog. Feel free to check it

  6. Victoria

    Count me in as another one who covets that book!Love the chair in the photo, and I look forward to checking out your links!

  7. Angie

    I agree with ‘spoiledonlychild’, the photos are styled & don’t (can’t!!!!) represent the day to day reality. It’s like those rare glimpses we get of our own homes just after they have been cleaned & moments before they crumble back into chaos. But it IS nice to look, thanks for all the links.

  8. Jennifer

    I don’t know any home that could look “photo perfect” when there are children in the house, either. I visit designsponge from time to time, and it is very well done. But sometimes I can’t tell the catalog/retail marketing photos from the “real” homes.


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