SAHD with KA

That stands for Stay At Home Dad with Kitchen Aid – and honestly, in my books, that’s about as sexy as a man can get.

Today was the first day of our new experiment; Phil and Lil Mondays. Phil works for a US company so each week he works from Tuesday to Saturdays and takes Sundays and Mondays as his weekend so that he can keep vaguely within his employer’s time zone. We have always spent Sundays together doing family things and Mondays have been our run-around, chore day. Since coming back from Canada we have pulled Lily out of one day of childcare, and are now contemplating removing her from her other day (For lots of reasons – the centre she is in just isn’t working out for us).


In a desperate need to find some more time to do my work without subjecting Lily to any more of this childcare, we decided to try having Mondays as my work day, which means Phil looks after Lil all day, singlehanded. He has been quite excited by the prospect, looking forward to time to potter with the kid.

Today has been such a nice day! I have had my Craft Sanity podcasts blaring while I cut out a bunch of soft toys for a shop launch in the not too distant future and Phil and Lily have been (as Phil hoped) pottering. The kitchen aid … (oh yes! Our new toy! We had to take out a second mortgage to finance that baby — actually; it’s my Christmas / Birthday present from absolutely everyone in my family for the next six years or so) … the Kitchen Aid has been purring as we had homemade pizza for lunch and currently there is the delicious aroma coming from the River Cottage Beans and Sausages bubbling on the stove. Pure bliss. I’m not sure why we haven’t tried this before.

I am always curious to hear and read how other creative mums manage to get their work done and balance their life. I keep wondering what the magic formula is. I just listened to the Anna Maria Horner interview and found her life to be incredibly inspiring – 5 kids and a thriving creative business? Go Anna Maria!