Brain fuzz

Oh my goodness… do you ever get that frenzied, slightly panicked feeling that there is just so much you want / need to do in such a short period that you can’t actually get focussed on anything? Where to begin? Make lists? Clean up the studio? Clean up the house (not likely)? Launch into a new project?

Or… make a cup of tea and sit down with some Craft Sanity episodes and fill a sketchbook page with doodles while listening to some inspirational stuff.

23 Responses to “Brain fuzz”

  1. caryn

    i completely understand the feeling you’re describing … bursting with ideas … wanting to get everything done before the fire burns out … exhausting but fun. loved the doodles 😉 really cute!

  2. Melanie

    Oh yes, very familiar with that feeling, and the resulting doodling (only mine don’t look quite nearly so nice as yours).

  3. Magda

    Yep, know the feeling well. Sometimes I even stand there in the middle of the room and just not know where to turn. I’m hoping once the kids get older these episodes will become less frequent!

  4. Kirsty

    I’d choose the cup of tea & the listening & the sketchbook EVERY time.

  5. georgia

    Oh definitely fill a page with some doodles – especially when they are as gorgeous as yours.You should make some embroidery patterns. Those little people would be perfect. I really love the little girl with flowers in her hair, and the one with the pleated skirt – too sweet!

  6. Danielle

    I know exactly what you mean! I am very impressed that you managed to focus long enough to create some sketches! I love the turtle!

  7. TELLE

    I did the same like you today morning with a cup of tea… and everybody asleep in the house! I like your page… it’s so sweet!and I know this feeling… I already finished a work and the to do’s list is simply too big for me by this so nice weather! and please excuse my poor english…

  8. Michelle

    I choose Craft Sanity everytime. It’s the perfect dose of inspiration when things just seem too hard.

  9. Susan

    Do I spy a Loobylu cat in there? Ohh, sooo cute! And yes, you definitely chose the best option. Sounds like you needed a scone thrown in, for good measure!

  10. read me...

    If my doodles were a fraction as lovely as yours I’m sure my days would be delightfully filled with them!

  11. amy

    Um, yes, only every other day :). Only lately we’ve been packing it up and heading out into the heat to letterbox…housework be damned!

  12. Frogdancer

    I’ve been quilting and knitting like a threshing machine this weekend. Today will be the same… work is coming around all too soon tomorrow. (I ended up making the scarves about a metre 20. That seemed to be roughly what everyone was saying worked.)

  13. ismoyo

    Wow. I had the exact same thing (and a similar blog post) just yesterday! My to-do list was so overwhelming, that the only thing i could do was to ignore it and make new illustrations.Love your new doodlings!

  14. Helen

    Well if thats what you can create with a fuzzy head….wow! I know what you mean about that feeling…I’ve been writing so many lists lately but it doesn’t seem to be helping! I just find more things I want to add. Its a nice idea to have a calm moment and just focus.

  15. mary jo

    I’ve been feeling like that every day since coming back from vacation. In fact that’s what I’m doing now, reading blogs instead of running errands…oh well!

  16. Rosie Willmott

    You make alot of people happy with your lovely drawings! I always know that when I browse to your page, I will feel better!xx

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