Moomin fabric

Sheer delight!

Ben brought me back such a lovely piece of fabric from London – I am dreaming of Moomin pillows on the girls’ beds. Lil’s room is in blues and reds so this is just perfect.

16 Responses to “Moomin fabric”

  1. pip

    Oh fabulous fabulous fabulous it is! And just perfect for the house-de-Lu! I have a little Moomin gift for you too! xx

  2. Camilla

    OOh I have that fabric too- but I’ve not been able to decide what to do with it yet as it’s so precious to me. When I found it in the shop I nearly stopped breathing- there were about 6 different moomin fabrics to pick from and it was so hard to pick just one. I found mine in a shop in Bath.

  3. terri mac

    I’m headed to London in a week. Where does one find fabric like this?

  4. lla

    wow, Wow, WOW!!!That is utterly fabulous! I’m not usually one to get all swoony over fabric (I’m sewing impaired) but this has got me most certainly swoony…

  5. elissa

    Glad to see you home safe and well, although you might be mourning the loss of the good weather (it’s raining here in Sydney). I’m certainly happy that you’ll be back posting again!XX E


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