Friday Archives – Club song

Allsorts Club song, circa 1981. Sung to the tune of the theme from Chariots of Fire.

(6 o’clock was dinner time and time to come inside).

Play along with the Friday Archives: Simply post some of your old work of any nature for us to oooh and ahhh over! Leave a comment if you do.

Now it’s back to those doll prototypes.

17 Responses to “Friday Archives – Club song”

  1. Angela

    Hello Claire!I’ve posted an archive! Thank you for encouraging us to open those dust covered folios and folders.

    Hope to see you on Sunday, if I can shake this nasty cold!!

    Angela xx

    I wonder if we can still join the Allsorts Club…

  2. Prue

    So what was the Allsorts Club? I’ve posted a teddy bear that I made over 10 years ago! Good luck with the doll prototypes.

  3. Kirsty

    Brilliant. I love a good theme song. Did that make you Grade 3ish? Pretty impressive use of the queen’s english for a little kid!

  4. Claire - Matching Pegs

    I am intrigued by your club as well, were there many members? I am also impressed that your typing even changes colours, so high tech.I have joined in and posted a Uni Assignment, from a subject called “Exhibition Design” circa 1996!

  5. elissa

    I’ve posted my first (and possibly last) Friday archive. It’s a photo I took in 1996 and I am amazed again at how beautiful old style silver gelatin photographs are.

  6. Yolanda

    I can’t get the chariots of fire song in my head. i keep thinking of the rocky theme song.

  7. kirsten

    Please do tell us more about this club! What an upstanding bunch of little citizens they must be.Joining in the fun this week!

  8. KitKat

    I don’t have a public blog yet, so I can’t post any old work at the moment, but I wanted to de-lurk (long time reader of your beautious blog) and say thank you for you lovely, loverly blog…I’m so inspired every time I visit and my world gets a little brighter. (-: And I also wanted to pass along thanks for posting your fav. etsy finds in the sidebar…thanks to you, I am now the proud owner of the Large Whitewashed Mug from antb pottery…it winged its way to my northern California mailbox on Monday and it is now my primary Essential Morning Cup of Coffee Mug of choice. And now I’ve found a bazillion! other things on Etsy that I adore…evil EtsyEnabler you are! Have a gorgeous weekend and I hope you find your perfect rag doll pattern soon!

  9. Jimmy Trickle

    Yeah I love the etsy side bar too – its like having a personal shopper…Count me in again this week. I must say I’m enjoying digging through the old stuff. I even found stuff from the days I sat at my Nan’s kitchen table waiting for my brother to come home from school (circa 1978). I can still smell the homemade blackberry jam toast!

  10. Judy

    Hey there,My stuff this week (and it’s still Friday (the 13th) here folks) is my Christmas photo from a few years back when I just got off of the barf and hell row chemo chairs.

    I edited my comment. Just so you know.

    Laugh is good. Remember.

  11. Tamara

    Hello thereThanks again for your inspiration – after a month of being swallowed up by Next Wave I have finally got back into the swing of Friday Archives


  12. laura

    Oh, I want to jump in this week! Except it’s only monday and I’ll have to wait all week.I’ve been taking a break from painting because I have a little one running around – this will be fun for me to go back and look at some old things…

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