On my desk today – rag doll designs. I am trying to make a new doll shape and it’s driving me crazy! I came up with just the right proportions this afternoon only to think, “gee this looks familiar” and I fished out my copy of Hilary’s Make-Along-Story pattern and low and behold the shape of the body was almost the spitting image of Olive’s dress. And the head, while a slightly different shape, was about the same size too.

So it’s back to the drawing board and time to get out my old friend the seam ripper.

I am trying to get something a little bit vintage raggedy-anne, and totally appealing and altogether “me”.

As my mum said to me, I think I am trying to hard.

Also – do you see the little glimmer of that crochet rug on the book cover? Fabulous! I am dreaming in crochet most nights.