Creatures of Habitat: Geninne Zlatkis

Wonderful artist Gennine Zlatkis has lived in over 50 houses in her lifetime.

This beautiful white house, designed and built by her super talented husband, is her latest home having moved in just last month.

She seems to have that wonderful ability to make a house homey within an extremely short time. I am in awe of this energy having lived in our place for over three years now and still stare at unfinished plastering and paint testing patches on our living room walls.

A testament to this spirit is the wooden cabin they lived in for less than a year while the house was being built. How deliciously warm and welcoming it looks.

Her flickr stream also has oodles of photos of some of the other houses she has lived in with her family.

And did I mention that Geninne is an artist? Her etsy shop is full of breathtakingly beautiful prints.

Her gorgeous blog documents all her artistic comings and goings – and also the building of their latest house. Bookmark immediately!

Thanks to Kirsty for the pointer.