The Friday Archives – MUSU Poster 1999

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1998 – 2000 University of Melbourne Student Union Communications Unit.

Best.Job.Ever. Hands down. Nice people, interesting work, great projects, great boss (who I will be forever indebted to for teaching me all the ins and outs of photoshop and illustrator — and who I know I annoyed senseless with my useless work ethic – sorry Scott), good hours and great coffee and sushi.

I had to do a lot of posters and as you can see, I employed my very early grasp of computer illustration to these projects.

I decided to include this as my contribution to The Friday Archives* this week as I have been looking at charts a lot in the last couple of weeks – particularly those amazing vintage charts from India showing you how to be An Ideal Boy. I am working on a bunch of charts – not sure how they are going to work yet but I love the format.

*If you’re taking part in The Friday Archives (publish some of your old work, whatever that might be) then please leave a comment so we can come and visit!

17 Responses to “The Friday Archives – MUSU Poster 1999”

  1. Fiona

    What a great poster. It makes me feel all nostalgic and sentimental – I did the same kind of job for the Adelaide Uni Student Union for almost 8 years. Loved it, too!Really enjoying your archives. 🙂

  2. Prue

    I’ve posted an unfinished botanical artwork from a couple of years ago, of a eucalyptus leaf. I have no idea how to put a link in my comment!

  3. Virginia

    Hooray for MUSU! Apart from all the general awfulness, I learnt the beginnings of all my mad skillz in that wonderful environment too.

  4. kate

    I’m having flashbacks to hours and hours spent on that Coffee Lounge balcony.

  5. Kirsty

    Those charts from India are sooo lovely. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your charts when they are done.

  6. Sherrin

    Great posters, and hooray for SU’s… my last job was with a student union, and it was my best job ever, too. Then along came VSU. *sigh*

  7. Claire - Matching Pegs

    I have posted a portrait of my hubby that I painted 11 years ago. It is also his birthday so I chose that piece of work in honour of him.I am loving looking out my old stuff each Friday.

  8. robyn

    Oh, I love your poster! If only I had been that organized in college!

  9. Andrea

    I love the faces on that poster! I’m coming along for the ride again this week. Come on by… :)

  10. sosser

    love those posters and your description of your best job ever! how i wish i had one of those right now:)i’m playing, too.

  11. Judy

    I posted my Friday Archives on Tuesday. All words this time. I used to be a columnist.Love those charts! I need one on How To Be An Ideal Cat Lover!

  12. Heidi

    I’m playing along too, with mostly old sewing projects. It’s a great idea!

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