Strawberry top flowers and Brown Owls

Don’t these strawberry tops look like flowers? I think this every time I cut them and Amelia said to me the other day – “You should take a photo!”, so I did.

And in other news, last night I buzzed along to the Brown Owl’s club house for a little crochet lesson.

And, … ahem…
I just wasn’t very good.
I showed Phil what I achieved in the good two and half hours (above) and he looked at me like I was bonkers. I sat opposite my good mate Kim who seemed to have been born to crochet and busted out a fabulously frilly khaki square. But honestly … I think I got the knack of it… in the end – thanks to Jess and also Kirsty who sat beside me saying “through the donut and back through the donut, now catch the yarn… etc”.

But I think it might be a while before I can give Alicia a run for her money.

But it was FUN! And I got to meet some new crafty people, and catch up with some old chums and drink champagne and I laughed a lot. I was so happy that when I got home I couldn’t sleep and then today I feel pretty good. I like Brown Owls.

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  1. Gin

    I’ve been crocheting the same blanket for over 10 years now. It’s rather pathetic if you ask me. Almost 12 skews of yarn. I’m on the last one, but I’ve just not been able to finish it. It’s enormous – no thanks to Hubby.He was sitting in the middle of the sofa with me just beside him with enough elbow room for crocheting. It was my first row of my first blanket and I just wasn’t sure how wide it needed to be. That’s when I trusted a man who’d never crocheted. I asked him if it was wide enough.

    “Nope, more.”

    Time passed… Is it wide enough yet?

    “Nah, I think you need to do more.”

    At this point, I’m stretching my arm to one end of the sofa, and he’s stretching it to the other end. So I did a little more. Now, it’s huge.

    I think it’s King size.

  2. Janet McKinney

    Congratulations on learning to crochet. It is a marvellous crochet to conquer, and provides a different type of challenge to knitting. I love itJanet McKinney

  3. Kirsty

    I can sympathise Claire. I cannot crochet. Just can’t do it. I even borrowed a “kids learn to crochet” book from the library – still can’t crochet. It drives me crazy trying to co-ordinate everything! I just stick to knitting and sigh in a frustrated manner at all the fab crochet patterns I see. Sigh.

  4. elaineganmaclaine

    I recently learnt how to crochet too, took me 2 days to get the hang of it.I find it tad easier compared to knitting.. I managed to crochet a simple bookmark wtihin an hour.

  5. Michelle

    Oh, your crochet looks fine! Keep at it, and one day it will just click – you’ll see.I wish I wasn’t just a faraway brown owl. I’m going to have to organise a trip to Melbourne soon so I can go to a meeting, I think.

  6. Prue

    I too can sympathise with the crochet. I recently attempted to teach myself to crochet but was appalling at it. I think it would help to have someone to show me what to do, but don’t really know of anyone to teach me. I should probably ask Grandma!

  7. alivicwil

    My mum taught me to crochet a couple of years back. I found it easier (and faster) than knitting… but I haven’t done any for ages, and think I’ve forgotten.I bought a pattern from crochetpattern @ etsy recently – so very cute!!

    Your strawberry flowers are delightful 🙂

  8. Carrie

    Love the “strawberry top flowers” of course.. there is a risk of them being nibbled to the green.

  9. Melanie

    Hmmmm. There is never champagne around when *I* am at Brown Owls! What am I missing? Glad you had a great night – hope I see you there one of these days 🙂

  10. CurlyPops

    That looks very similar to my first Brown Owls crochet night! The second one made it much easier…

  11. Alicia P.

    But did you swear at it a lot? That’s how I do it. If it weren’t for the swearing, I’d have maybe two chain stitches, tops. . . .

  12. admin

    Frogdancer — the thought did occur to me… but I was repeatedly reassured that the champagne would make me relax and the idea of having to forgo the champagne was completely (*completely*) ridiculous.Alicia – oh, did I swear! I am officially knitting a ‘sailor’s blanket’.

  13. Elise

    My friend’s six year-old daughter calls strawberry tops “fairy skirts”. Because fairies are real, you know.


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