A softy for Mirabel

I resurrected the old Marshmallow Bunny pattern and was very pleased to find that I really enjoyed stitching this little girl together. She is off to Pip tonight ready for the Softies for Mirabel charity auction. You can read more about it here.

37 Responses to “A softy for Mirabel”

  1. Vic

    Awww, I’m in love, she is so totally sweet. I adore your use of the retro bed spread covering fabric. Nice work

  2. theresa

    Supercute! Good for you–hope so see more now that you’ve got your stitching back on.;-)

  3. Jess

    Love it! The outfit is just divine and the chenille is a great idea. Perfect for a snuggle!

  4. pip

    Oh yikesy! What a lovely bunny you made Miss LoobyLu! Thanks very much for being so nice!See you soon for stitchy goodness!

  5. Sherrin

    that is so lovely! It’s amazing how she actually looks like one of your drawings! I love it!!

  6. Jhoanna

    So wonderful to see a new marshmallow Bunny Claire! She is perfect – love the colour of the chenille, like butter 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. CurlyPops

    She’s so cute…I love the mixture of fabrics that you’ve used to put her together…lots of texture….yum!

  8. Jodie

    She is gorgeous , can’t wait for the auction . I had better get a move on or my softie will miss the boat.

  9. Elizabeth

    She has lots of personality and is gorgeous. I hope the other day was “just one of those days”.

  10. naomi

    Oh so sweet! What a superb little outfit she is sporting. Everything about her is so perfect and pretty.

  11. Beth

    How adorable! I love the little dress and cute expression (I really struggle with faces!). Top stuff!!!

  12. Mary

    Love the cute little face! The fur has a great texture. I’m sure they will love it!Softies like this remind me of the pioneer days and how moms used to make toys for their children. Back to simpler times!

  13. Linnea

    She looks so nice and soft. Perfect background for photographing her against, too :o)!!Linnea

  14. meg

    wonderful to see you making softies again! I especially love the denim jumper.

  15. Amanda

    Was wandering down Brunswick St today and saw your softie in the Mirabel window display.Even cuter in the flesh!Soooooo cute *sigh*


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