Autumn leaves me

I have been having such a good run of days where everything feels perfect and like it’s all clicking along just the way it should be. You know the feeling – you find yourself driving back from somewhere late in the afternoon, the traffic is light and moving steadily, there are big puffy black clouds over the Dandenongs looking dramatic, the sun is shining on the autumn trees just so and there’s a good piece of music on the radio. The kids are chatting happily rather than grizzling or fighting. No one is sick, no one is sad and you realise that everything feels pretty good. Everything feels exciting, the possibilities seem endless and there is a gentle sense of an overriding rhythm. On those days I can feel such inspired energy running through me. I am such a bloody pessimist though, that these moments are always bittersweet, tainted with that “oh, it’s too good to last! I wish I could just hold on to this forever!”.

And of course (because I just knew it!) today isn’t one of the good ones. But that’s part of the rhythm too I guess.