Spray in May


I got a chance to finish those stencil images I sarted working on before everyone got sick.

Speaking of stencil art, J.otto seibold had an awesome looking exhibition in Portland at the beginning of the month – his work was all stencils on wood – fabulous fabulous fabulous.

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  1. pip

    Oh My Gosh. Tonight… when the moon is hidden beneath a veil of late Autumn clouds… I will come to your house… and sneak one of these from your verandah. You better leave the sensor lights on tonight, Miss Loobylu… or else bring these inside quick smart! Just super good and full o JOY! xx

  2. Jenny

    Oh your spraying looks fab-fab-fabulous!You’ve got me tempted to try some. I so wish I could have seen that J. Otto show!

  3. Ulla

    These are so sweet and it gives a very special look when sprayed on wood.The colours are simply perfect as well :0)

  4. Karen Gough

    These stencilled pictures are absolutely beautiful. I’m glad everyone is well enough to allow you to get back to them.

  5. Linnea

    Very nice spray painting :o) I like it how the woman looks like she’s dancing.. like she found out that maybe the goose had just laid a golden egg…who knows?!

  6. Iona

    These are so touchable! The spray mutes (just a little bit) the crispness of the wood and the design moves just enough… Beautiful work.

  7. Olivier

    It looks like a little bit Leunig-inspired, with the duck. And maybe a little company called Dalkia has crept into your subconscious?

  8. kirsten

    I also love the physicality of her position. I can’t look at her without hearing music– perhaps some rag-tag band of musicians playing on a cold, clear night beneath the moon and the stars.

  9. michelle

    i have this post saved on my bloglines and these stencil prints are honestly some of my favourite things ever. i could never afford one, but i love looking at them! 🙂


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