Creatures of Habitat: Nathalie Lete

Nathalie Lete is an amazing French artist who works in lots of different media including some of my favourites (look at that gorgeous octopus!). Her studio, house, life, loves, passions and work are documented in a Paumes title called Natalie Lete A-Z which, I have to say, is a truly indulgent purchase as it’s written in only a combination of French and Japanese. But the photos (as with all Paumes titles) are gorgeous and inspiring. Some of them appear on her site.

Those rugs (designed by Nathalie) are to die for.

Her beautiful sense of colour, her childhood imagery and her pleasing sense of quirk make Nathalie one of my top 10 favourite artists.

AND (oh my goodness, to be living in the US right now! It doesn’t appear to be available online) Anthropologie is apparently stocking a limited edition of her ceramic plates in some stores. Love that bird plate.