The Friday Archives – inky houses

Back to 1995 – and back to my printmaking sketchbook from that year again for this week’s Friday Archives.

I was obsessed with houses in 1995 – it was the year I moved out of home and my friends and I trawled through open inspection after open inspection looking for the perfect, affordable rental home. We saw some incredible places, places you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy – but we ended up moving into quite a nice  place – an old 1800s double story shop on a bustling main road. It had just previously been a “massage parlour” called Golden 111 so we had some interesting gentlemen attempting to get in the front door in the first couple of months.

So my printing making folio that year was full of Melbourne’s inner city architecture; terrace houses and quaint boom-time worker’s cottages. These images were carved from lino and then printed with artist’s pigmented inks which ran and blurred in a way I really liked. It was different from printing with the sticky printer’s ink and gave me a way to print at home and also get unexpected and sometimes beautifully spontaneous images. I love the colours in this image. Reminds me of patchwork.

Are you playing along this week? (It’s as simple as posting some of your past work – be it art, craft, writing, photography or anything really – to your blog). If so please leave me a comment!

15 Responses to “The Friday Archives – inky houses”

  1. Mill

    Hi Claire! I would love to join your Friday Archives meme but I don’t have much of my old art work from school…perhaps I will post what I have and that will have to be the end! (I have 4 pieces of old art that I can think of ;))

  2. Sherrin

    I love your inky houses! Is this something you would consider revisiting? It’s a great idea.-and after watching the Friday Archives pop up all over the place, I have started playing along this week too. :o)

  3. Prue

    I’ve posted an old embroidered lavender bag today. It sounds a little old lady-ish but I still love the colours I chose.

  4. megsie

    Love the freshness of your house images. Some of the best artworks hide away in sketch books. Grace cossington-smith’s were amazing!I’m playing along this week too with something of mine from the same year

  5. Melissa Hicks

    Hi Claire, Thank you for the great idea. Have joined in too, although I used to be a bit of a ‘hooray I have finished the year, throw all my work out’ kind of art school student.

  6. tania

    I’m playing this week!:) I was also obsessed with houses at that time- same reasons!and my friday archive is also from 1995-great idea claire!

  7. sanae

    I’m playing too! Adore the sweet houses and I especially love the combination of the print with your handwriting.

  8. Joanne

    I think the internet ate my first comment! But I played this week. What fun! Also I love those houses.


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