Inspires me: Seonna Hong

It would be wonderful to be in Tokyo this month to see Seonna Hong’s solo exhibition, Viscery Loves Company, at KaiKai Kiki Gallery. She and I share a thing for Mary Blair (along with everyone else I guess). I have loved her work for so long but these latest images take my breath away. I have a lot of trouble working out which one is my favourite (because I play that game, you know, “If I was incredibly rich and quick off the mark, which one would I hang above the mantel so that I could stare at it every day?”). I think it might be “Mix Tape” (below). Eric Nakamura has a great set of photos from the exhibition on Flickr so we can all squint a little and pretend we’re actually there.

5 Responses to “Inspires me: Seonna Hong”

  1. Fran

    Just beautiful – wish I was there, too – but that was a great way to start my Friday. Thanks!

  2. ani

    ohhh, how i wish i had one of those lovelies too. wonderful.

  3. N.

    I love Seonna Hong’s work too. Her originals and even printwork are way out of my price range, but I scored a poster of her cover of Giant Robot awhile ago.btw, I just re-discovered you. I am so glad to see you posting again.

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