The Friday Archives – my first softies.

Well! What a few days. We’ve been in hospital for a couple with dear little Lily who has been sick (again) with a virus which developed into a nasty case of asthma. She is home now and doing much better, but I can not tell you how much this kind of experience makes you take a little step back and make more time for children schmooching. I’m sure you can imagine.

I was fully intending to go over to my Mum and Dad’s this week and dig out some really old stuff for my Friday Archives* selection for today but that never happened. Instead I am republishing my first ever little softies from 2002. They are still knocking around the house somewhere, and considering they were made from synthetic felt (I had yet to discover the joys of wool felt) they have lasted well.

And also – there is an interview with me up at Plush You… slightly garbled because I sent it off the morning we went in to hospital with a slightly “that will have to do!” attitude. Thanks for having me Plush You. Kristen used some samples of my work which made me realise how long ago it has been since I have actually made any softies.

And because it’s all about softies today – check out the Softies for Mirabel Project — I am about to start doodling ideas for my contribution.

*Friday Archives — every Friday I am posting some old work of mine – art, craft, photography, writing… whatever takes my fancy. Others are playing along. If you are interested, join in the fun! Feel free to nab the button above, leave a comment, or just a link. It’s wonderful to dig up dusty old stuff from the past and realise how it might still influence you today.