The Friday Archives – Polymer clay dolls

I have had a seriously crazy, running all around the place, kind of day. But I did manage to get to IKEA to get another table and I bought a cute set of those drawers (helmer – just like Maisie has) to fit underneath for all the nicknacks which usually clutter my desk.

But it’s Friday Archives time. This week I have cheated a little and am republishing something which I put up on Loobylu in 1999 (or maybe 2000?). I made Phil a “Big-P Action Figure” for Christmas that year – and its place in history is nicely marked by the Segway tshirt (ahh… remember those days?). I made a whole crew of little dolls, all about 15cm hight. I was seriously inspired by Dame Darcy’s dolls at the time. I remember they were very fiddly for a novice like me – I made soft bodies from fabric and stuffing and polymer clay heads, arms and legs. I remember that each doll took me about a day to complete. Looking at some of the Dame Darcy dolls again – I feel inspired to make some more. I wonder if she still uses human hair? Mine was nasty acrylic stuff which never really worked

I am really enjoying all the Friday Archives entries that are popping up (it’s as simple as posting some of your past work – be it art, craft, writing or photography – to your blog). It is so interesting to see where people have come from with their work.