Six unimportant things about me — Celebrity Sightings!

Pip tagged me to write six unimportant things about me and (after getting really bored writing about what kind of tea I drink, and how much I love roast potatoes) I decided that I might give it a little twist (I hope that’s ok Pip) — and have turned it into six unimportant things about me that involve celebrities.

So, top of my list:

I met Johnny Depp in the late 80s, had his autograph and have lost it.

Not long ago, Amelia and I were walking through Chadstone singing “I LOVE you, I LOVE you” quite loudly to each other (as you do) and we walked straight by Anthony Callea who looked like he thought we were singing it to him. I hope that made his day because it made mine! I laughed a lot!

I saw Tobie Puttock (does he count?) down at the Camberwell Flea Market recently. His quite gorgeous friend saw me doing that “I think I know you… who are you?” expression and looked at me in a very scary “keep the f**k away” kind of way as if I might try to mob him.

I have only ever written one piece of fan mail and that was in high school to River Phoenix.

My current favourite celebrity is Michael C Hall. I think if I saw him my neck would spasm and my mouth would stop working and I would manage to say something like “fuh duh oh… garrggle”.

I met and had a pretty nice conversation with Anita Roddick back when I was designing at The Big Issue. She was a pretty amazing woman and told me that I should try dumpster-diving for a lark.

That’s it! I can’t believe I can’t think of any more. Maybe I will remember some at 4am as I usually do with this sort of thing. Oh, I once served Barry Humphries when I worked in a book shop… and I have stood next to / behind / in front of famous people in crowds and I even saw Karen Knowles the other day but it’s all a bit lame. I tag EVERYONE because I love celebrity sighting stories. Let me know in my comments if you blog it.