Cuts like butter

I finished cutting out my stencils a couple of days ago. Karena was right — the oiled kraft paper is brilliant, kinda greasy but totally enjoyable to cut into. I can see how people get into paper cutting now.

Unfortunately our littlest family member is miserable and sick again. This time with the HORRIFIC sounding Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Ah dear. Luckily it’s not as bad as it sounds and apart from a rash she is quite cheerful enough to run around and around the doctor’s waiting room screaming “YA YA YA YA!” really loudly. But sick again she is. A friend of mine exclaimed recently (I think it was during the great croup fiasco) “you have all come down with a bad case of the Creche!”. So true. Two days of childcare a week gives me time to work and time for sanity, and Lily enjoys it… but the sicknesses which seem to go around are definitely a major drawback. It’s like a little bubbling petri dish in there. On the one hand it could be said that she is building up her natural immunity, on the other she’s been pretty much under the weather since the beginning of February which is a long time now, and that’s no fun. So we are in quarantine for a few days and I will be lurking around The Crafty Crow for some ideas for fun things to do. My stenciling will have to wait.